Dorohedoro Season 2: Will the Series Be Renewed for Another Season?

In Dorohedoro, mangaka Q Hayashida tells the story of a human civilization threatened by the evil magic users of another dimension.

Kaiman, the story’s protagonist, is a strange man with a reptilian head. A severe case of amnesia adds to his woes.

Caiman’s central goal in the anime is to be able to return to his old body and reclaim his prior memories. Even though most people are powerless against the magic users, Kaiman is not. On his own, Kaiman goes around killing sorcerers to track down the person who deformed him and erase his memory. Nikaido is by his side.

Fans have been wondering since the premiere of the anime version of Dorohedoro in 2020 if Kaiman and Nikaido’s story will continue. Here’s what we know about the program and what’s to come.

The Cast of Dorohedoro Season 2

Dorohedoro Season 2

The Dorohedoro Season 2 cast list may be seen below.Kengo Takanashi as Fujita

  • Miyu Tomita as Ebisu
  • Reba Buhr as Nikaido
  • Griffin Burns as Kasukabe
  • Sean Chiplock as Shin
  • Wataru Takagi as Caiman
  • Reina Kondou as Nikaido
  • Ken’yu Horiuchi as En
  • Yoshimasa Hosoya as Shin
  • Yu Kobayashi as Noi
  • Billy Kameez as Risu
  • Aleks Le as Caiman

Is There Going to Be Another Season of Dorohedoro?

Dorohedoro Season 2

The manga series based on the Dorohedoro character has been well-received by fans. The first volume was published in 2002, and the series lasted through 2018. All 23 books of the manga are available.

The manga’s first season is not nearly as long as the anime’s first season. Only around one-third of the manga chapter’s story is covered in season one.

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After its Netflix premiere in 2020, the animated film garnered a warm reception from critics and fans alike. There has been no formal announcement of a season 1 of Dorohedoro, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

Season 2 announcement for Dorohedoro may be delayed because of this epidemic that has impacted many studios’ ability to release anime on time.

Release Date for Dorohedoro Season 2

Dorohedoro Season 2

The Dorohedoro Season 2 premiere date has yet to be announced. In 2022, it’s expected that the second season of Dorohedoro will be released.

We’ll keep you informed if there’s any new information on when Dorohedoro Season 2 will be available. Make it a point to check out this site regularly.

Dorohedoro’s first season was aired from January 12 to March 29, 2020. Please watch the second season of Dorohedoro’s trailer.

Dorohedoro Season 2 Will Have How Many Episodes?

In addition to the 12 main series episodes, Dorohedoro’s first season also included six OVA episodes. It’s unlikely that the show would have more than 12 episodes in a potential second season based on how modern anime works; instead, it would likely have multiple seasons of fewer episodes and no filler material.

Dorohedoro Season 2 Story

Taking place in a depressing village, Dorohedoro follows a family of sorcerers as they dabble with the dark arts with the help of the locals.

Hiroshi Seko wrote the series Dorohedoro. Yuichiro Hayashi was the director of this film. It was RON that composed the score for Dorohedoro. It was created following the MAPPA guidelines. Netflix has licensed it.

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TV networks in Japan have begun airing Dorohedoro. Dorohedoro’s first season consists of twelve episodes.

As a result, it appears that Dorohedoro’s second season will also consist of twelve episodes. We’ll keep this page updated if we learn any new information about the number of attacks in Dorohedoro Season 2. Let’s take a look at the cast of Dorohedoro’s second season.

Where Can I Watch the Season 2 of Dorohedoro?

A two-month run of the inaugural season of Dorohedoro was initially broadcast on the Japanese networks Tokyo MX, BS11, and MBS. Netflix then licensed the show and made it available worldwide.

When we learn about a new season, we expect it to first run in Japan before being licensed by Netflix for streaming in the United States and other countries.

When Will, the Second Season of Dorohedoro Start, to Be Made?

Dorohedoro Season 2

Season 2 of Dorohedoro has yet to get an official start date from the show’s makers. However, it’s still too early to give up. There has been no announcement that the show has been canceled.

The first season’s success will have a bearing on whether or not it is renewed for a second. The first season of Dorohedoro has an IMDB rating of 8.1/10 and a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 100%. As a result, the show’s popularity skyrocketed.

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If the first season does well and brings back satisfactory results, the anime’s director, Yuichiro Hayashi, has declared that he will begin production on season 2. Season 2 of Dorohedoro could begin filming shortly if the rumor is accurate.

The Popularity of the Manga

Myanimelist ranks Dorohedoro 414th in popularity. Considering the show premiered in 2020, its popularity is above average, and a second season looks potential based on its current position. However, these data may not necessarily reflect the current popularity of a product.

Fortunately, the search volume on Google shows that the two topics are equally popular. Much recently-released anime is less popular than Dorohedoro, which is a testament to its enduring appeal.

With a second and third season already confirmed, Beatstars, another Netflix anime with equal search popularity, made its way to the screens. Dorohedoro also gets better ratings on Myanimelist and IMDb than Beastars. A second season is highly likely based on this information.

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