Dr Fauci Net Worth: Who Appointed Dr Fauci to NIH?

Anthony Fauci is likely the most well-known physician in America. He is one of the longest-serving and highest-paid federal employees.

The 81-year-old Dr. Fauci has served in six presidential administrations. Since 1984, the immunologist and physician have served as the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and as the president’s chief medical advisor.

Dr. Fauci has played a significant public health role in preventing the spread of numerous viral infections, from SARS to Ebola, as well as the 1980s AIDS epidemic. However, he did not become a household name until 2020, when he was recruited to assist President Donald Trump in developing a response plan for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Fauci’s Net Worth

According to publicly available January financial documents, Dr. Fauci’s net worth surpasses $8 million. These data indicate that his wife’s assets raise their overall value to roughly $10,400,000.

Dr. Fauci’s investments (through an IRA and brokerage accounts) are valued at $8.3 million, while his wife’s interests are valued at $2.1 million.

How Much Money is Made by Fauci?

Dr. Fauci is the highest-paid government employee thanks to his $430,000 salary as the director of the NIAID. Fedsdatacenter.com reports that he earned $417,608 in 2019. He received $434,312 in 2020.


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He also received $13,298 in gifts and reimbursements, $200,500 in pension benefits, and $100,000 in royalties for his medical textbook in 2020. In addition, he received $1 million from Tel Aviv University for the Dan David Prize.

The doctor can also carry over a sizeable amount of his salary into retirement because he is qualified to earn about $350,000 in benefits each year. It will be the largest federal retirement payout ever paid in American history.

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A Pop Culture Icon

People either love or hate Dr. Fauci, and it seems to depend on how they feel about the pandemic.

He has gotten a lot of attention from the media, like when he was made fun of on “Saturday Night Live” and when “Fauci,” a National Geographic documentary about his life, was made about him. At the start of the pandemic, he went head-to-head with President Trump. He has also fought off criticism from other Republican politicians, like Sen. Rand Paul (Ky.).

Dr. Fauci doesn’t seem too bothered by criticism and different points of view. He told The New Yorker that when dealing with political leaders during a crisis, “I go to my favorite book of philosophy, ‘The Godfather,’ and say, ‘It’s nothing personal, it’s strictly business.'”

He went on: “You just have to do your job. Even if someone is acting stupid, you can’t make fun of them for it. You have to take care of them. Because you can’t do anything if you don’t deal with them.”

He earned a lot of public respect, though, when he pushed for people to get vaccinated. Many people who got their first shot called it the “Fauci ouchie.”

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More Background

In 1968, Dr. Fauci started working at NIAID as a clinical associate. In 1974, he was elevated to the position of head of the clinical physiology division of his laboratory, and in 1980, he was appointed director of the Laboratory of Immunoregulation.

He accepted the position of NIAID director in 1984 on the understanding that he would be permitted to continue leading the Laboratory of Immunoregulation.

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