Dragon Ball Filler List: Everything You Need To Know So Far!

Complete Dragon Ball Filler List! (Easy to Follow)

Dragon Ball is a well-known name, having been one of the most popular anime series of all time. In fact, the series first aired in 1984. YES! Back to the beginning.

Toei Animation produced the Dragon Ball television adaptation, and the first series of Dragon Ball incorporates a total of 194 chapters from the manga. The anime series consists of 153 episodes and four films that tell the story of Son Goku’s great adventures and his origin.

Dragon Ball Filler List

Many People Continue to Watch Dragon Ball to This Day. However, Many of Us Dislike Fillers and Prefer to Stick to the Storylines of Our Favourite Anime. For Those People, We Have the Easy to Follow Dragon Ball Filler List. Let’s Get This Party Started, My Saiyans!

Gohan was a martial arts expert long before the modern era. He discovered an extraordinary child in the mountains who arrived in a strange-looking spaceship (capsule) on a bad weather day.


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Gohan could tell Goku was not a normal kid just by looking at him. Goku continues to live with Gohan despite having no knowledge of his parents, origin, planet, race, or anything else.

However, many challenges lie ahead. Soon after, Goku meets Bulma, and together they try to find the seven legendary Dragon Balls, which will change Goku’s life forever.

Dragon Ball Fillers To Skip

We decided to create a filler-free list in order to eliminate Dragon Ball fillers. This means you can avoid the episodes that tend to bore you to tears.
Dragon Ball Filler List
This list contains Dragon Ball episodes that are easy to follow, so here are the EASIEST Dragon Ball episodes to follow.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much of Dragon Ball is Filler?

For the Canon Watch through of the Saiyan Group of Sagas, the First Eight Episodes and Half of Episode 11 Are Considered Canon, With Episodes 12-16 Being Filler.

Does Dragon Ball Z Have Filler?

Dragon Ball Z, Like Most Long Anime Series, Has Its Share of Filler Episodes.

Can We Skip Dragon Ball?

Even if Fans Skip Dragon Ball and Start Watching Dbz Instead, There Won’t Be Much of a Problem Because Dbz Can Be Enjoyed as Its Own Story Without First Watching Dragon Ball. Those Who Truly Want to Connect With the Characters, on the Other Hand, Must Watch Dragon Ball.

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