EA Desktop App Guide: Install, Uninstall, and Repair Games, Origin

The EA Desktop App is a Game Launcher comparable to Steam and Origin that enables you to play any of the available EA games on your Windows or Mac computerștiinștiiștii. After downloading and installing this application, you can Download Games in addition to other content.

EA Desktop App Reference

EA Desktop App is the official desktop gaming client for EA Games available for Windows 10 machines.

This application, formerly known as ORIGIN, will be renamed and given a new visual design.

EA Desktop App Install

With this desktop software, games may download, upload, and access their PC games more quickly and efficiently.

At the time this post was written, it was in the Beta Phase.

Beta is available to all gamers interested in trying this software before its official release.

Installing the EA Desktop App

If you are interested in Downloading EA App for your Windows PC, please follow these steps:

  • Follow this link to access the official Beta Release Page.
  • There, you will see a large red Download button in the header.
  • Downloading the installation file requires clicking the Download button.
  • After the File has been downloaded to your Computer/Laptop/PC, you must right-click it and select “Open.”
  • This will forward you to the installation page.
  • You will have a new window opened for you.
  • You can customise this installation by selecting the View installation option or by selecting let’s go to continue with the installation.
  • A few file downloads will require a brief amount of time.
  • The restart requires appropriate operation.
  • Once this software has been installed properly on your computer, you can log in using your EA Account.

From there, you may Download, Update, and Launch any paid EA game of your choosing.

How to Remove EA Desktop

You have installed this desktop client, but you no longer wish to utilise it.

If you wish to uninstall EA Desktop from your desktop, you can do so as you would with any other PC application.

Here is the method-

  • Windows+S on your keyboard or Select the Windows search box.
  • Look for the “Add or Remove Programs” option.
  • The page for configuring apps and features will open for you.
  • There, search for “EA” and select EA Desktop.
  • To uninstall App, click the uninstall button.
  • A second dialogue box will appear; click uninstall once more.
  • Reboot your computer to completely uninstall the software.
  • How to Remove Games from the EA Launcher
  • This desktop application is intended to install and update games without the requirement for a third-party launcher.

If you have installed a Game and no longer wish to have it installed on your computer, you can uninstall it using this.

Numerous users complain that this feature is absent, although it actually exists.

It is physically present but concealed.

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This Is Due to the Fact That This Launcher Is Still in Beta, and Hence Has Not Been Fully Deployed.

Nonetheless, Here is How to Uninstall Games via it-

  • The Collection option is located on the home screen of this application.
  • There, you can view all the Games you have installed and played.
  • There, to the right of the Game’s name, you will see three dots.
  • When you click on these dots, you will get the option to remove the game.
  • Select uninstall and follow the on-screen instructions to remove the game from your computer.
  • EA Desktop Application against Origin
  • EA already has a game launcher called Origin for all of its games.

Origin Is Already Available for Windows Pc Download.

However, according to evaluations from numerous Origin users, it is slow, cumbersome, and frequently malfunctions.

Additionally, many users prefer alternative launchers to access the EA Games they’ve purchased.

This is one of the primary reasons Electronic Arts will release this new PC client.

This Desktop Application Is Designed to Replace Origin.

Additionally, you could say that Electronic Arts will rebrand the Origin software as EA Desktop.

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EA Desktop Application Failing

This Desktop Application is currently in the beta level, which means it is complete and complete.

It also indicates that there are several issues, missing features, EA Desktop App Crashes, EA Desktop App Does Not Launch at Unexpected Times, and You Cannot Download or Install Games.

Remember this while downloading this application from Ea.com.

On the official forum, however, solutions to some of the known concerns are listed.

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