El Dragon Season 3: Release Date, Cast and More Updates


El Dragon’s first two seasons went swimmingly, establishing a plethora of replies and paperwork. The first season did exceptionally well financially and was widely acquired, quickly rising to the ranks of the top ten most-watched packages on Netflix in Mexico.
Fans are starting to get anxious about Season 3 of El Dragon and want to know if it will actually be made. Learn here if Season 3 of El Dragon is in the works. If so, when will it be available, and will there be any additional news?

Originally shown as a Spanish crime series, El Dragón: Return of a Warrior is more commonly known by its English title. The premiere of Season 1 was on September 30, 2019, and the season finale was on November 22, 2019.
After the first season of El Dragon concluded, the second season premiered on November 25, 2019.

Delivering the final episode on January 20, 2020, brought the collection to a close after 44 had been produced. Univision was the first American region to receive both seasons. Nonetheless, before Netflix made some changes, it could be viewed in any country where the service was available.

El Dragon Season 3 Plot

Attendees have expressed overwhelmingly positive feedback about El Dragon, the Spanish production. Gaining a consistent following from every corner of the globe. Fans and fans have been amazed by the plot of the last seasons.

As a result of the pandemic, nobody on the globe can remember what day it is. There has been a major impact on the whole situation.

Multiple clues and the gathering were finally halted. In addition, protecting myself while my overseas emergency.

el dragon season 3

There is no single, identifiable reason for such occurrences, and El Dragon is not one of them. The author, Mr. Arturo Parez, never made any kind of expert claim. The eighty-two episodes of this captivating story may leave you wanting more. Novel seasonal changes have proven to be superior. You could have developed a steady gaze from watching Netflix.

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Throughout the first several seasons, we see Miguel getting involved in the businesses of his own close family and friends. To add insult to injury, he admits that his grandpa has the Alzheimer’s virus. Whatever the case may be, he takes the initiative to adopt a fresh, modern approach to his financial situation.

El Dragon Season 3 Cast

  • Adela Cruz aka Renata Notni
  • Kenia is played by Sofia Castro.
  • “Sebastián Rulli” “as” “Miguel Garza”
  • As Epigmenio Moncada, Roberto Mateos
  • Chisca Garza, aka Cassandra Sanchez Navarro
  • Like Carlos Duarte, Javier Gómez
  • As Jimena Ortiz: Irina Baeva
  • Natasha Dominguez portrayed Claudia Rubén Sanz in the role of
  • Valentin Soria.
  • Héctor Bernal portrayed by Manuel Balbi

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El Dragon Season 3 Release Date

We need to know if Season 3 of El Dragon is in the works. On January 20, 2020, the next season officially wrapped up. After that, we stopped consulting with Netflix before making major policy changes.

Almost waiting to see whether the producers are still working on El Dragon Season 3 so we can receive it before 2020. If everything goes well, production on Season 3 might begin in 2022.

el dragon season 3

El Dragon Season 3 Review

Excellent performances, script, and story, with plenty of exciting plot twists to keep things interesting.

This is the best part since it allows us to anticipate the correct phrases and discussions based on the message’s context. The protagonist is perfectly suited to his role as a cold and calculated manager.

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El Dragon Season 3 Trailer

There’s been no word of a comeback, thus there won’t be a new teaser. Production apparently hasn’t even begun yet and judging by the timeline, it could be a while before filming begins.

But stay tuned, because we’ll let you know as soon as we find out anything!

Frequently Asked Questions

When Is El Dragon Season 3 Coming Out?

It is still not officially confirmed whether the El Dragon is returning for season 3.

 Will it ever happen, El Dragon Season 3?

There are chances of El Dragon getting renewed for season 3.

 Where was El Dragon filmed?

Most of the scenes of El Dragon were filmed in Mexico City, Mexico, and the series filming location includes Spain, Tokyo, Japan, and Florida, USA.


There are still many details to confirm about the renewal of El Dragon: Return of a Warrior season 3, so if you want to know when the next season of the popular crime series El Dragon: Return of a Warrior will premiere, be sure to check back with Amazfeed for the latest news.

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