Eleven countries, including France, have signed a joint declaration to “push the UK to respect the Brexit agreement”.

In the more disputed fishing areas, London and Jersey have issued more than 200 firm licenses, while Paris is still asking for 244.

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Eleven countries, including France, signed a joint statement on Monday (October 11) criticizing the UK’s decision on post-Brexit fishing licenses.. “UK response to fishing license applications is incomplete and inappropriate”, Following a meeting of the European Council of Ministers of Agriculture and Fisheries in Luxembourg, the French Maritime Ministry expressed regret in a statement. France, Germany, Belgium, Cyprus, Spain, Greece, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal and Sweden have signed the declaration.

Provides that after the Brexit agreement between London and Brussels, which ended in terrorism at the end of 2020, European fishermen can continue to work in certain British waters on the condition of obtaining a license. But the French and the English argue over the nature and quantity of the supporting documents to be provided. Of the more disputed fishing zones, London and Jersey have issued a total of more than 200 permanent licenses, while Paris is still asking for 244.

“This joint declaration is an important step because only a joint response will allow the EU to consider the continuation of peaceful negotiations with our British partner.”, Underlined by Maritime Minister Anik Girard, explaining what its purpose is “Push the UK to respect the Brexit agreement”. She also argued “European and French Responses to British Projects” Will be made public “Second Half of October” And “May include retaliation”