Elizabeth Holmes Net Worth 2022: How Rich Is Elizabeth Holmes Now? Updated News!

It is estimated that Elizabeth Holmes has a net worth of zero dollars.

Elizabeth Holmes, a once-promising entrepreneur, has become mired in a scandal involving her old company, Theranos, much to everyone’s disappointment.

The charges of fraud originating from the company’s products as well as Elizabeth’s ethics in handling the company’s affairs led to the SEC opening an inquiry into the life sciences company, which resulted in the company having to go through the legal system.

Initially in Life

Elizabeth Holmes is the daughter of Christian and Noel Holmes; she was born in Washington, District of Columbia, in 1984.

Her mother worked as a staffer for a Congressional committee, while her father was a vice president at Enron, the infamous energy firm that was suspected of cheating investors out of billions of dollars. Her mother was a member of Congress. Her father worked for Enron.


Holmes received his education at St. John’s School in the city of Houston, Texas.

She became interested in computer programming and enrolled in a Mandarin language course at Stanford University in order to improve her language skills.

After that, Holmes continued his education at Stanford University, where he focused his studies on chemical engineering.

After completing her first year at Stanford, she went on to work at the Genome Institute of Singapore, where she was responsible for analysing blood samples in the wake of the SARS CoV-1 outbreak in Asia.

In 2003, Holmes submitted her initial patent application, which was for a system of topical drug administration via a patch.

The next year, Holmes decided to seek a profession in the field of healthcare technology rather than continuing his education at Stanford.

How Did Elizabeth Holmes Amass Such a Substantial Fortune?

Elizabeth Holmes amassed her wealth through her work as the founder and CEO of the biotechnology business Theranos.

As a result of Elizabeth’s stock ownership in the company, she had an estimated net worth of $4.5 billion at the time that the company’s valuation reached its all-time high of $9 billion.

She was the youngest self-made billionaire in the world at the time, and she held that status at the time.

On the other hand, a controversy emerged surrounding her company, and the state of Arizona filed a lawsuit against it for making misleading promises about the effectiveness of the healthcare gadget it was selling. By selling her shares to the company’s shareholders, Holmes would protect herself from legal action.

However, this was only a temporary relief from the predicament, since in 2018, Holmes was charged with fraud by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The accusations included giving fraudulent data to investors about the effectiveness of her products, which resulted in a loss of over 700 million dollars.

There were also allegations that Holmes and Theranos had lied about the company’s revenue streams and made false assertions that they had contracts with the Department of Defense. These allegations and charges were brought against both parties.

As part of the settlement with the SEC, Holmes was required to give up any remaining shareholdings she had in the company.

Additionally, she was disqualified from having any officer title at a public business for a period of ten years. Late in 2018, the company was ultimately unsuccessful and went out of business.

In January of 2022, a judge ruled that Elizabeth had committed criminal fraud and participated in a conspiracy.

Behaviors of Elizabeth Holmes

Elizabeth Holmes held the late Steve Jobs, a co-founder of Apple and her hero in the highest regard. She would frequently wear a black turtleneck sweater, dressing in a manner that was reminiscent of Jobs’ attire.

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She would also appear in self-portraits in stances that were similar to Jobs, and she would say that she was the most significant person in the technology industry since Steve Jobs passed away.

How Much of a Fortune Does Elizabeth Holmes Have?

There are very few dollars that may be considered Elizabeth Holmes’s net worth.

She fought in court and ultimately was found guilty of deceiving investors, after the case she was involved in went to trial.

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