Elizabeth of Belgium celebrates her 20th birthday, “Princess greater than Kate Middleton”

The Belgian royal family has a major event to celebrate this Monday, October 25th. Princess Elizabeth is 20 years old. An important milestone for the young woman, that magazine Point of view Gave him the cover of his last issue, which was published on October 20th. The newspaper, which specializes in royal families, has collected testimonies from several relatives of Princess Elizabeth. Among them, Poosukin, a make-up artist of the Belgian royal family.

Her role was to uplift Princess Elizabeth and all other members of her clan, no doubt that the young woman was destined for a much brighter future. The makeup artist draws him to the same path as a particular Kate Middleton. “The princess will surpass Kate Middleton in the future“, Advances to Bouzouk Point of view.

One of the many qualities of the eldest daughter of King Philip and Queen Modilde was her courage, which from an early age. Kathleen Shroyens, a dance teacher at Ace Municipal Academy, recalls their first lesson together: “Only a small doll came here with her dance bag, very brave and jealous.“Princess Elizabeth has been teaching for eleven years, and it is said that this is where the secret of her care and her endurance as future queen comes into play.

Along with dancing, the older sister of Gabriel (18) and Emmanuel (16) also took painting lessons on the advice of her grandmother; Queen Paola. “Sometimes she was so attached to her work that she wanted it to end at all costs. “The painter Pierre recalled the toad, who oversaw the lawlessness of Sierra Castle. “The palace driver knocked on the door but she did not listen“, He adds. In addition to being brave, Princess Elizabeth is determined. There are two qualities that can be found in Kate Middleton as well.”

There is no special treatment at the military school

It took courage and determination to complete the first year of training for cadets at the prestigious Royal Military Academy. As the future queen of the forces, Princess Elizabeth, the Duchess of Prabhupada, urged her to unite. “The princess did not receive special treatmentColonel Thierry Brenne, in charge of the first year at the Royal Military School in Point of view. It was a nice element, and she integrated well into the class. She is hard working and careful.

Will Princess Elizabeth receive special treatment for her 20th birthday? Nothing is certain ..