Environmentalists block access to Dover Harbor

More than 40 protesters blocked the highway near the sea gate, demanding new measures against climate change.

Environmental activists blocked access to the Dover ferry port on Friday morning, disrupting trade around the main sea gateway to southern England for trade with the European Union. The Insulate Britain group, which has already blocked the London Ring Road several times in recent days, has called for better home protection in the UK to combat climate change.

He said in a statement that more than 40 protesters blocked the A20 motorway near the first British cross-channel port facing France. Kent police confirm “A demonstration causing a traffic jam in DoverOn the A20 motor track. In a statement, she said she had made 17 arrests, destroyed two of the three places where traffic was blocked and tried to make more attempts.Reduce delays.

We apologize for the inconvenience. This is the only way to keep the issue of isolation on the agenda and to draw attention to the fact that poorly insulated homes lead to poor health, suffering and premature death for thousands of people.A spokesman for the organization said in a statement.

Between the shortage and the labor crisis

The move comes amid a turbulent environment in the United Kingdom, which has faced fuel supply problems due to the lack of truck drivers, but also at supermarkets. Since mid-September, Insulated Britain has already caused the London Ring Road, M25 Motorway, the busiest in the UK, colliding with motorists five times. In particular, they stuck with bitumen or poured blue paint on it.

The protesters are now facing up to two years in prison under a court order announced Wednesday by the government. Despite the threat of severe sanctions, Insulate noted that Britain will continue its operations until 2025, when it pledges to fund the protection of all community homes and until it provides a plan to modernize all homes by 2030.

Adding to the series of devastating insurgency struggles in recent weeks, these measures come ahead of the COP26 climate conference scheduled for early November in Scotland, for which significant police resources are planned.