October 23, 2021


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Europa Park has come under fire from critics after the introduction of the health “bracelets”

Ralph Arlowski via Reuters

Europa Park has come under fire from critics after the introduction of “health bracelets”

Healthy Pass – Show white tab or colored bar. The Europa Park theme park in Germany has been the subject of controversy in recent days over whether to wear bracelets of different colors. Depending on the vaccine status of the audience. This includes children.

Reported by our colleagues from International MailCiting the German media The world, Germany implements 3G rule, “Gemift, Zedestet, Oder Generation”, German equivalent Our Wellness Boss (Vaccination, testing or relief) The public can go to the open space.

As for Europa Park, management has set up a system to identify visitors: those who have been vaccinated, the white bracelet and the survivors from the cove. And colored bracelets For those who have a test. Thus, each visitor can see and read each person’s vaccine status on the wrist. A particular invasion of the privacy of the audience. In addition, even children from the age of 6 had to wear bracelets to certify vaccine status.

“Practical and clear solution as possible”

Faced with the outcry caused by such a device, the park decided to go back and standardize the color of the bracelets, since August 19, all white.

To enter the park, unvaccinated visitors must undergo an antigen test of less than 24 hours or a PCR test of less than 28 hours. Thus, someone who stays in the park for several days should be checked daily.

“This is a question of finding a practical and as clear solution as possible,” the park’s spokesman defended. The world. Practical, but not clever.

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In France, a similar device was tested in Gironde Finally 24 hours before the suspension, On August 19, “to clarify the definitions of the process”.

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