Even worse towards the third wave than the previous waves

Deregulation in Brazil could lead to a more dangerous third wave – Bruna Prado / AP / SIPA

The country of South America is enjoying endless drama. More than 220 per 100,000 people, one of the worst mortality rates in the world Brazil 500,000 deaths to be reached by the end of the month
Govit-19. Some epidemiologists fear that the third wave will be more dangerous than the first two in this country of 212 million people, due to the recession of the vaccine, the early easing of controls and the widespread circulation of variations.

Unlike European countries, no True silence between the waves : Since mid-May, the death toll has been confirmed at the highest plateau, with an average of 2,000 deaths daily. The pollution curve has been steadily rising in recent weeks, which is a direct result of the easing of control measures affecting the population.

“Health Hectomp has become more common than ever before”

Public health agency Fiocruz warns in its latest epidemiological bulletin that the “health crisis is getting worse” when this increase in the number of infections is at high risk. During the height of the second wave, in March and especially in early April, when there were two days in Brazil with more than 4,000 deaths, most mayors and governors ordered curfews and the closure of non-commercial businesses. But these restrictions were lifted a few weeks later, very quickly, according to experts.

“In Brazil, an unprecedented health catastrophe has become commonplace. Most people live as if there is no epidemic, ”said Jose David Urbez of the Epidemiology Center in Brasilia. Another source of concern: the delta variant that appeared in India, the first cases confirmed in recent weeks in Brazil of people staying in the Asian country.

Only 10.8% of the population is immune

The third wave will hit Copa America head-on, which is the far-right president Jair Bolzano After the withdrawal of Argentina and Colombia decided to welcome with open arms. The match is set to start on Sunday, but rumors of a boycott of players have raised suspicions, and the mayor of Rio de Janeiro has threatened to ban matches in his city if his health deteriorates.

In a country where only 10.8% of the population is vaccinated with two doses of the vaccine, this is not going to improve at any time. In a presidential speech last Wednesday, Jair Bolzano promised to vaccinate “all Brazilians” by the end of this year, experts say, making it difficult to reach a goal.

High unemployment record

In a televised speech that annoyed the deaf in the country’s major cities, the president said “Brazil was one of the countries that experienced strong economic growth in the first quarter (+ 1.2%) because he” did not leave anyone “at home”. Despite this encouraging economic data, unemployment in the first quarter (+ 14.7) %) Has reached record levels and the health condition continues to deteriorate.

“The third wave could be strong if it fails to offset the negative impact of the relaxation of vaccine controls,” said Muro Sanchez, an epidemiologist at the University of Brasilia (UNP).

Mass vaccination

The benefits of the mass vaccine were demonstrated during a test conducted by the Button Institute in Serana, a city of 45,000 people in the state of Sவோo Paulo (southeast) where 95% of adults have been vaccinated. The death toll from Govt-19 has dropped to 95% and hospital admissions to 86%.

“The epidemic is under control in Serena, and we can do this throughout Brazil,” said Sao Paulo Joao Toria, a fierce opponent of President Bolzano. The head of state was particularly critical of the agreement signed by Joao Toria with Chinese laboratory Sinovak for the local production of the coronavirus vaccine, which accounts for nearly 60% of the amounts paid to date in Brazil.

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