Exodus from Afghanistan: “There may be losses,” warns Joe Biden

“This is one of the most complex evictions in history,” admitted the White House tenant, who faces the first international crisis of his decree this week. It was widely praised throughout the United States and the Atlantic for managing the epidemic His recovery planJoe Biden is very low from his end The military is accelerating its return Americans from Afghanistan are scheduled for Aug. 31. Since Monday, 6,000 U.S. troops have been stationed at the site to allow the evacuation of civilians and Afghans who have worked with the military or the U.S. embassy. Not at all without difficulties.

Promise, but plan for the worst

Difficult conditions for the evacuation of thousands of civilians from Kabul Confusing scenes Joe Biden, who has toured around the world, was inspired to speak with the American media for the second time in five days. Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections. The 46th president recalled that “13,000 people have been evicted since August 14”, including 7,000 on Thursday alone. From July18,000 people were evacuated. “For all U.S. citizens who wish to return home, You will go home “I want to reassure the US president.

Accused of lack of performance Taliban-controlled areas around Kabul airportJoe Biden promised to “explain to the Taliban that if there is any obstacle to these evictions, they will get definite answers, including the imprisoned Afghans.”

He acknowledged that their confidence in the US President’s veterans’ commitment to the operation was “absolutely uncertain”. “There may be losses,” Joe Biden warned, calling on Americans to pray for the safety of the soldiers and those who are there. Veterans in particular do not hesitate to put themselves at risk. On the evening of the Pentagon, American soldiers went to pick up 169 people from Kabul airport, most of them nationals. Shortly afterwards, US exits resumed after several interruptions related to the enrichment of US bases in the region, especially in Qatar.

“Once this is done, we will end our withdrawal from Afghanistan.”

In anticipation of next week’s G7, this Friday evening press conference allowed the former Delaware senator to make sure that the difficulties in Kabul do not affect US credibility in the international arena. “Our allies in the world do not question our credibility,” Joe Biden stressed, “by ensuring French convoy surveillance on the way to the airport” as evidence that the Americans had contributed to the evacuation of the French embassy.

Finally, Joe Biden opened the door for extra time on the military presence in Afghanistan. The departure of troops was originally scheduled for August 31, but the president told his military that it still had “to achieve in Afghanistan.” “Once this task is completed, we will end our withdrawal from Afghanistan,” the president recalled The war cost almost $ 1 trillion In the United States in twenty years. The deportations are set to continue in the coming days and the United States plans to deport more than 30,000 Americans and Afghan civilians.