October 23, 2021


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Faced with pressure, a pro-democracy group wants to disband

“It’s a very painful fracture.” The Hong Kong Alliance, a pro-democracy group that has been organized for three decades In Hong Kong Annual awareness in memory of the victims of the attack on Tiananmen Square in Beijing announced on Saturday 25 September that the city had voted to disperse it in the face of mounting pressure against dissent.

“Government uses all kinds of laws to dissolve civil society group”Hong Kong Coalition member Chang Qing-shing said after the vote.

After announcing their dissolution, Coalition representatives read a letter from their president, Lee Chek-yan, prison. “A regime cannot rob people of their memory and conscience”, He wrote. “The punishments of the Hong Kong Alliance will be sent to the hearts of the people of Hong Kong.”

This group is one of the most visible signs of political pluralism in Hong Kong. His demise is the latest manifestation of Beijing’s conquest of the former British colony, a major global trading center that was once semi – autonomous.

The dissolution of the Hong Kong coalition comes after the disbandment of about 30 militant groups in recent months, including the city’s largest union and the coalition that waged massive pro-democracy protests in 2019.

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Charges and arrests

Chinese state media in Hong Kong and pro-Beijing officials have long accused the Hong Kong Alliance of being a bad organization. At the beginning of the month, Police charged three senior officers with reversalCrime against national security. Police have ordered the group to shut down its website and social media sites. Officials have promised to cancel its registration as a company.

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In a letter from prison, One of the leaders of the coalition, Zhou Hong-tung, Urged members not to leave. “I still hope to show the world the hopes of the Hong Kong Alliance and to continue this movement that has lasted for thirty-two years.”, She said in a letter Posted on his Facebook page.

The other two leaders in prison, Lee Zak-yan and Albert Ho, signed letters calling for the group to be disbanded. “Current Social Context”.

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Targeted by National Security Division investigation

Earlier this year, it was reported that the coalition was being investigated by the National Security Forces and ordered to hand over a number of documents and details to its members.

Unlike many opposition parties that quickly backed down or obeyed police demands, the coalition took a more provocative approach. Many of its leading figures argued that the claim of the prosecutors and the police was illegal.

In late August, the city’s new national security police sent letters to coalition leaders accusing the coalition of being “Agent of Foreign Forces”.

The letters asked for the personal information of all members since its founding in 1989, all meeting minutes, income records and its dealings with many NGOs related to democracy and human rights in China. While accusing the coalition of not cooperating, police accused its leaders of being the opposite.

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The last two canceled awareness

The group was founded in May 1989 to support students who rallied against democracy and corruption in Beijing. One month later, on June 4, The student movement was crushed by blood. This phenomenon was severely censored by the communist regime in the mainland of China.

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But in Hong Kong, the coalition kept its slogans alive when it called on Chinese leaders for reform over the next three decades. “End one-party rule” And “Creating a Democratic China”.

June 4 every year, The alliance arranged for the carrying of large candles At Hong Kong ‘s Victoria Park, tens of thousands of people regularly visit. Popular attendance has increased in recent years as anger has intensified among locals over the way Beijing is handling the city.

The last two were awareness Prohibited by police, Officially due to the Govt-19 epidemic.

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