October 25, 2021


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Faced with the proliferation of tense areas, Washington and Beijing fear that a miscalculation could ignite the Indo-Pacific fire

Depletion – Armed conflict between the United States and China in the region increases the risk of military slippage.

This scene looks like it came from the worst Hollywood disaster movie. The US chief of staff, General Mark Millie, picks up his red phone to confirm his Chinese counterpart, while Donald Trump holds a finger on the nuclear button. The incident was reported by senior journalist Bob Woodward In his latest book, Danger, Sparked controversy in Washington, once again tearing Democrats and Republicans apart. The latter accused the General of violating the chain of command and resumed the doctrine of “deep state” conspiracy against the former president.

The American press drew attention to a rare exchange between these high-ranking officials that betrayed the climate of deep mistrust in practice between the two leading world powers. “If Trump planned a war, you would have warnings that you would see it coming through your sensors and satellites. It is not possible for any of us to launch a surprise attack.”

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