First Kill Ending Explained: How Did Theo Become a Vampire First Kill?

First Kill is a campy drama on Netflix about a vampire and a monster hunter who fall in love. Being a teen girl is difficult enough, but things become even more difficult when you fall for your mortal enemy. Since its debut, First Kill has remained on Netflix’s top ten most watched list. The show has been a social media sensation, and the First Kill ending has just fueled the fire.

Netflix has not announced if the TV program will be renewed or canceled, but it could follow in the footsteps of Heartstopper, Netflix’s other recent popular LGBTQ+ TV drama, and receive a two-season renewal. We’ll have to see what happens. For the time being, First Kill is in limbo, but after the conclusion of First Kill, we’re excited to see where it goes next.

Differences Between First Kill and V.e. Schwab’s Story

First Kill’s first season significantly expands the source material by adding additional characters and worldbuilding, although other elements—like the beginning of the entire saga—remain the same.

Juliette needs to eat before she loses control because the blood capsules she uses to suppress her appetite soon stop working. It’s time for her to commit her first murder, but despite pressure from her family, she doesn’t want to be a killer. She notices the new student Calliope as she struggles to maintain her composure and control her thirst.

Calliope becomes concerned that the girl may be more than she appears to be when she catches Juliette observing her. When Juliette gets the nerve to ask her out, her suspicion is proven to be correct. After making a potentially fatal error while hunting, Calliope is eager to earn the respect of her hunting family. To get closer to the vampire, she returns Juliette’s advances.

First Kill Ending Explained: How Did Theo Become a Vampire First Kill?

At a party, the two bump into each other, and after playing a rigged round of spin the bottle, they have a makeout session in the pantry. Calliope drives a wooden stake into her chest and flees when Juliette’s teeth enter Calliope’s neck. Love at first taste, indeed. Because wooden stakes don’t kill Legacy vampires, Juliette is still alive. The following day, when the girls run into one another at school, they both have to face their desires and concerns. The tension between their families intensifies as they come closer, making everything riskier for everyone.

In this Shakespearean-inspired romance, Calliope and Juliette take center stage, but their star-crossed passion is just the beginning. Both families must battle with their internal family conflicts, the residents of Savannah who are aware that monsters are once again roaming the city, and the struggle to preserve control within their separate cultural hierarchies. If the program is renewed for a second season, the season’s closing episode lays the groundwork for numerous other problems.

First Kills (Finally)

In the middle of the season, Juliette protects Calliope from a different hunter who tried to abduct her. Once more attacked by the man, Juliette loses control and begins to feed till he expires. Calliope defends Juliette and defeats the zombie classmate who makes a comeback to school after being discovered dead at the party. While each of their families would have preferred for them to have been each other’s first murder victims, both girls get their first murders in defense of the other.

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What Are Legacy Vampires, According to the Fairmonts?

The Emerald Malkia, the serpent from the Garden of Eden that gave rise to all vampires, is kept by the Fairmont family. They were supposed to be models of pure-blood vampire society, but they have lost favor. At Juliette’s consecration ceremony, a sort of cotillion intended to establish their position, she is expected to make her debut in front of other Legacy families. Juliette’s first kill is a rite of passage. When Burns attack the meeting, things go wrong and the Legacy’s mistrust of the Fairmonts is cemented.

First Kill Ending Explained: How Did Theo Become a Vampire First Kill?

Will Swenson’s character, Sebastian, the father of Juliette, sustains a deadly wound during the attack, but Elinor strikes a deal with her grandma Davina to save him. He is transformed into a pure-blood with the Emerald Malkia, after which he consumes granny. To prevent the other families from claiming ownership of the serpent, Elinor and Margot (Elizabeth Mitchell) now need to maintain their good looks. MA’AM (Mothers Against All Monsters) has been organizing a mob to create monsters during this time.

Who Are the Hunters in the Burns?

The Burns family are well-respected hunters in the Guardian Guild until Calliope’s friendship with Juliette jeopardizes their reputation. The Burns leads an unsuccessful raid on the Fairmonts, killing two friends and fellow hunters but not killing any of the legacies. The Guild loses faith in the Burns, and family chiefs Talia (Aubin Wise) and Jack (Jason R. Moore) will go to any length to reclaim the Guild’s trust and complete the mission.

That is until their children are in danger. The Burns may be forced to fight on numerous fronts. Talia goes up against Jack, then the Guild (who no longer trusts them), and the creatures swarming in Savannah.

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What Occurs With Theo?

Theo (Phillip Mullings, Jr.) realizes the vampire who killed his mother was a Legacy vampire after learning about them. He and Apollo (Dominic Goodman) look for the family who owns a crest, and Apollo seeks assistance from Elinor (Gracie Dzienny) in recognizing the crest. When Theo discovers them hooking up, he misinterprets them as a danger, and a fight erupts. While going for Elinor, Apollo accidentally stakes Theo, and Elinor erases Apollo’s memories of the fight as he watches Theo bleed out and die.

Calliope arrives with Juliette, who remains to clean up. Calliope and Apollo return home to inform their parents that Theo has died, but Theo is present when they arrive. Before losing control, he goes through a terrible transformation. He feeds from Juliette, which calms him because she drank from Theo, trying to end his suffering, but her bite caused him to transform. Talia does not want Jack and Apollo to kill Theo. And, after persuading the family to leave her alone with Theo to say her goodbyes, she flees with him, taking him to Juliette’s brother, Oliver (Dylan McNamara).

Power Trip for Elinor

Elinor wants to control the position of Emerald Malkia Keeper in the future. Additionally, the Fairmonts will appear awful because Juliette refused to kill. When Elinor attempts to coddle and gently prod Juliette towards murder to fail, she switches to her dark side and even goes as far as kidnapping Calliope.

First Kill Ending Explained: How Did Theo Become a Vampire First Kill?

Juliette and Oliver alert the local police, who locate Elinor’s storage container and her murder trophies after learning that Elinor killed Theo. It’s best for the family if she stays in jail because MA’AM is on the lam. She also won’t just murder everyone and flee because doing so would jeopardize her plans to gain power.

What Will Oliver Do Next?

Oliver is, um, the biggest villain of the season. He returns to Savannah to get revenge on the Fairmonts after being booted from the family for being particularly sadistic—which he blames on his twin, Elinor. He wants Juliette to turn against his parents, his identical sister, and anybody else he cares for. What at first appears to be a little family dispute turns out to be part of a far larger scheme to undermine the Fairmonts and turn Savannah into a nightmare.

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The entire time, Oliver and Carmen, his witch lover (Walnette Marie Santiago), have been in control of the situation. They brought a swarm of various creatures to Savannah and have been releasing the creature to threaten the community. They are to blame for the revival of monsters in the region, and as a result, the locals are aware of the monsters in their midst and ready to take action against them.

The Fairmonts might not feel comfortable in Savannah forever, and that seems to be the whole point. Oliver and Carmen are showing the recently transformed Theo their backyard full of waiting for monsters when we last see them, effectively launching a war on the city.

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