France will stick with Portugal and face Switzerland in round 16

Go to Switzerland. By sharing the draw (2-2) with Portugal at the Puskas Arena in Budapest on Wednesday 23rd June, France moved towards the most accessible path to climb to the top of the Euros by finishing the group stage in first place in their group. . For its part, Germany finally shared points (2-2) against Hungary and were afraid to qualify for the round of 16. Manschaft will face England at home in Wembley, while Portugal will finally find Belgium in third place.

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From the first to the third in Group F, all the scenes for this blues were still possible due to the confusing and sometimes anxious game. The only certainty after the chickens is that the headache will not come from a future conflict with Belgium or England, but from an internal turmoil. The rise of power that the Blues have accustomed us to in the final stages of a great competition awaits knockout matches.

For the third match of this euro, the men of Didier Deschamps exchanged ghostly and dazzling passages. The determination shown against Germany had already taken a toll on Hungary. With two goals in the bag and two penalties, France are no longer unthinkable. But its reactivity is still intact.

During this evening of twists and turns, you should have a good heart and exit calculator for every action. Portugal began by winning the Middle Ages, under threat of elimination in the event of a major defeat, and in the fear of being sidelined by the Belgian Agra in eighth place. A real surprise as the Blues are armed and dominant in this part of the field. One of the murmurs in the midfield, the Lucidanians burned the fuse from Liqueur 1’s old acquaintance Joao Moutinho.

In one of the off-center free kicks, Caviar delivered to Danilo Pereira. The Parisians had no rest to take advantage of, as it was too late for Hugo Loris to violently hit him in the head with his forearm. The undeniable penalty that gave Cristiano Ronaldo a great chance to score his first goal against the Blues in seven games. The Portuguese did not miss this offering (0-1, 31st). The French home reader was delighted to collect only one yellow card.

Like Pereira, the Blues were slow to digest this blow of the club. They came out in extra time when the chemo cut the path of Kylian Mbabane in the box. Second penalty of the match. Despite the defeat in the friendship against Bulgaria, Karim Benzema took charge of the penalty, but won more (1-1, 45th + 2) and broke the curse of French penalties in 2021.

On October 8, 2015, Madrilinian scored his first goal in blue from Brazil against Armenia. He found the net after 31 shots in the final round of the Euro. Opened, the French striker took advantage of a deep ball from Paul Pogba near the center line just after the restart. In complete silence, Benzema adjusted Rui Patricio with the help of the post (2-1, 47 ‘). We were far from the badlock match of the last Euro final. The stock is not the same.

The Blues were able to give even a small gift to the Portuguese who began to sink. Jules County went there with his hand in the area. New penalty and equalizer without shaking from CR7 (2-2, 60th) who scored his 109th goal in the exam, an equal record with Iranian Ali Day.

The Blues could have benefited again if the goalkeeper had been better and better off as the game progressed Select The miracle of the curled strike from Bokpa (67th) did not distract from his post. Nothing is marked, but Didier Deschamps shuddered until the last after the injuries of Lucas Hernandez and his replacement Lucas Dickney. With five points, the first place in Group F goes to the Blues who end up with diseases, but quietly this first phase of the Euro. The hard part starts.

Even in Munich, the scene is shocking. Long-fired, Manschaft advanced to the round of 16 through the back door thanks to a 2-2 win over Hungary in the 84th minute thanks to Leon Koretska. Without a hitch, Hungary opened the scoring on a fantastic diving title from Ssalai (11th). A good reward after a good start to Rossi’s men’s match and a shout that spread in Budapest during the blues match, the pre – match match was disturbed by an activist waving the rainbow flag during a Hungarian song.

After touching the sum, Germany thanked Howard for extending Humwell’s (1-1, 67th) first goal. But Hungary took advantage of a momentary fall, following the emergence of a Schaefer title in the middle of a German defense with non-subscribers (1-2, 68th). Courageously, Lowe’s men came back to score for the second time. A relief for Manuel Neur.

This match has been a thriller for the nerves for a long time, Responded to Mansoft’s porter. Against a team like the Hungarians, it’s hard when you’re behind.“The rest are at least guaranteed to be complicated for Germany, second in Group F against England at Wembley next Tuesday.