October 25, 2021


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Gabby Petito was the victim of a “murder” and her fianc was nowhere to be found

The tragic Eblock has been confirmed. The The body was found Sunday KP Petito, a young climber in Wyoming National Park The disappearance moved the United States – and beyond – these last ten days. The FBI said Tuesday that a preliminary autopsy report confirmed his identity. According to the medical examiner, she was the victim of a “murder”. Missing since Friday, her fianc, Brian Laundry, starred with her A long summer road trip across the country, Is higher than ever by authorities in Florida.

If the medical examiner has established that the circumstances of the death were in fact murder, the cause of death will not be announced until a full autopsy report is released in the coming weeks.

Hunting in the crocodile affected area

According to the FBI, Brian Laundry is an “interested person” who was the last person to see Cape Petito alive. But he is not yet considered a suspect for reasons not explained by authorities. A 23-year-old man who returned alone on Sept. 1 behind the wheel of a van driven by a couple in the western United States was shot dead. On the advice of his lawyer, he voluntarily refused to answer investigators’ questions.

Last Friday, his family said they did not know where he was. He moved to the Carlton Reserve, a 100km swamp in West Florida, according to his parents. The North Harbor Police have begun a massive manhunt involving dense vegetation and snakes and crocodiles.

An argument that will be challenged

After the media outburst of the case, every turn was analyzed by thousands of internet users and turned into trainers examining the remaining traces in the young woman’s records. Instagram, DickTalk and YouTube.

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Authorities, for their part, are particularly interested in an incident that took place on August 12th. Utah police intervene in what appears to be a marital dispute. Coffee Petito, with tears in her eyes, points out that the argument was her fault, and that her friend, with a scratched face, says she hit him on the phone. But the couple refuses to complain that they are too in love.

The young woman was “irregular and very emotional,” police said in a statement. But in a call to police, he said the young man “slapped” his friend as a witness to the dispute. An element of a country with only one question seems important today: where is Brian Laundry?