Gene Simmons Net Worth: Is Gene Simmons Worth a Billion Dollars? News 2022!

Gene Simmons of KISS is not scared to speak his thoughts.

Whether discussing Bitcoin investments, Vladimir Putin, Twitter, or Britney Spears, the 72-year-old bassist and lead singer of Israeli descent speaks his mind.

And this is why so many people adore him and his face-painted rock band, KISS.

Here, we shall explore Simmons’ perspectives on a variety of topics, as well as his wealth and professional successes. So, rock fans, buckle up, because here we go!

Monetary Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Gene Simmons has an estimated worth of over $400 million. Along with his band, the co-founder of KISS is somewhat of a marketing genius. In addition to selling over 100 million records and performing for millions of fans during its ongoing existence, the 50-year-old rock band was able to market anything from toys to Halloween masks owing to its characteristic black-and-white facial paint and over-the-top performances.

Over 5,000 products, including pinball machines, lunch boxes, condoms, and lighters, have been licenced by the band. Simmons alone has real estate worth tens of millions of dollars.

Simmons stated in a 2019 interview, “Life is a business, and I approach it like a shark—they must keep going or else they will drown.” “I will never cease searching for more money. I’ll never have sufficient… I strive to increase my wealth. The idiots who assert that money is the root of all evil. Lack of funds is the source of all evil.”

According to another source, Wealthy Gorilla, Simmons has a net worth of $350 million. However, what are a few tens of millions of dollars among friends?


According to Metal Head Zone, Simmons holds three million shares of Invictus Capital, a cryptocurrency corporation. As a result, his assets are valued at approximately $4.5 million.

In fact, American Songwriter inquired about Simmons’ affiliation with crypto money almost a year ago, and he responded as follows:

American Composer: You are also a man with several thoughts. What occupies your mind the most frequently these days?

Simmons, Gene: Cryptocurrency. Indeed, this is a game-changer. I’m in it big. I’ve done really well. Currently, governments print money whenever they need it. So, inflation continues getting bigger and bigger. The dollar was once based on gold, and it is possible to lose a dollar. Unless you lose your ‘code wallet’ or your password, you cannot lose your crypto currency. Banks have no opinion on the matter. Governments have no opinion on the matter. The world is in flux. It is likely time. It is perhaps time to do that instead of cutting down trees and producing paper to present to each other. But credit cards and wire transfers likely sparked this trend.

Where Should I Put My Cryptocurrency Holdings?

GS: Well, asking anyone is unfair. You may inquire about my investments. But I would never recommend something to you because I don’t want you to blame me if the world turns upside down.

AS: Permit me to inquire, where have you invested yours?

I am heavily invested in Bitcoin and Asyrium. There are others, such as Zcash and Litecoin. There are plenty others.

Social Media And The Future

Simmons maintains an online presence. Currently, he has close to one million Twitter followers. Moreover, he recently shared his views on “Fictosexualism.”

Simmons’s live performances and investments continue to flourish, despite his strong presence on Twitter. In fact, he pays a great deal of attention to the day’s headlines through his Twitter account.

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In particular, KISS, which was valued at $300 million in 2021, is scheduled to embark on a farewell tour this spring, summer, and fall, with numerous international and domestic stops.

Simmons is undoubtedly swimming in money, but the figurative pool of money will likely continue to grow as the “shark” of commerce continues to advance.

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