George Foreman Net Worth: How Much Money Did George Foreman Make With His Grill?

Who is George Foreman?

George Edward Foreman is a former professional boxer, businessman, and clergyman in addition to being an author in the United States. In the sport of boxing, he was known by the ring name “Big George” and participated from 1967 to 1997. He has won the world heavyweight championship on two separate occasions and won the gold medal at the Olympics. As a businessman, he is most well-known for inventing the George Foreman Grill.

George Foreman Quick Info

Full Name George Foreman
Net Worth $300 Million
Date Of Birth January 10, 1949
Place Of Birth Marshall, Texas, United States
Height 6 ft 3 in (1.92 m)
Weight 260 lbs (117.93 kg)
Profession Professional Boxer, Entrepreneur, Actor, Minister, Author
Nationality United States of America

George Foreman Early Life

On January 10, 1949, George Foreman was born in Marshall, Texas. He and his six siblings grew up in Houston. He was raised by J.D. Foreman, but Leroy Moorehead was his real father. In his autobiography, George wrote that he had a hard childhood. At age 15, he stopped going to school and became a thief. After a year, he wanted to make a change and talked his mother into putting him in Job Corps. He went to Job Corps to get his GED and learn how to be a builder and carpenter. After he moved to Pleasanton, California, he started training for boxing.

George Foreman Career Highlights

Foreman went on to win a gold medal in the heavyweight boxing competition at the Olympics in Mexico City in 1968. During this time, there were civil rights and Vietnam-related riots in the US. No one knew for sure if the African-American community would support US policy or not.

george foreman net worth

The next year, Foreman decided to become a professional boxer, so he went through serious and tough training. Even though Foreman won a lot of fights, some people said that he only won because he fought against old fighters. In 1977, Foreman’s life took a different turn. Even though he beat Pedro Agosto in Florida, Jimmy Young beat him in Puerto Rico.

After staying out of the ring for 10 years, Foreman surprised everyone by coming back in 1987, when he was 40 years old. Even though he wasn’t in shape, he knocked Steve Zouski out in the fourth round of their fight in Sacramento, California. In 1988, he won 9 fights. In one of those fights, he knocked out the Cruiserweight Champion, Dwight Muhammad Qawi.

What is the Net Worth of George Foreman?

According to celebrity net worth, George Foreman is a retired American boxer and a very successful businessman who is worth $300 million. George Foreman is an amazing example of how hard work and success can pay off. He has won two World Heavyweight Boxing Championships, won an Olympic Gold Medal, made millions of dollars as an entrepreneur, and become a Christian minister after being born again.

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George Foreman Personal Life

As long as his list of awards is, George Foreman’s list of wives is also long. Since 1971, when he married Adrienne Calhoun, he has been married five times. They were together for three years, until 1974, when they broke up. George Foreman married Cynthia Lewis in 1977, but they broke up in 1979.

george foreman net worth

Foreman got married to Sharon Goodson for the third time in 1981, and the marriage lasted until 1982. In the same year, he got married for the fourth time to Andrea Skeete. After three years, this marriage, too, failed.

Mary Joan Martelly is the name of George’s wife. In 1985, they got married. He has 12 children from all of his relationships.

Business Ventures

Foreman’s career was defined by his amazing comeback to boxing after he had stopped. He said that this was because of how well he ate and lived. Because of this, he became a big name in the fitness industry. He gave Salton Inc., which is now Spectrum Brands, permission to use his name on its fat-reducing grill.

In 1999, Foreman signed a deal with Salton to be their spokesman. The deal was worth about $137.5 million over five years. At the time, Salton, Inc. was looking for someone to talk about its fat-reducing grill. Some people also say that George Foreman had some part in making the same fat-reducing grill.

He was paid $137.5 million for the use of his name, and he also got about 40% of the profits from each grill sold. At its peak, he was paid $4.5 million a month. All told, he probably made around $200 million from the Spectrum Brands deal.

In 2013, Foreman started a boxing promotion business called Foreman Boys Promotions. He also owns George Foreman’s Butcher Shop, an online business that sells natural beef from family farms.

He works with the Panther Racing Indycar team as a partner. He has also written five books and continues to act in movies and on TV. This steady and steady growth of his business empire helped him make a lot of money.

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George Foreman Endorsements

Foreman’s first job was as a spokesperson for Russell Hobbs Inc., a company that made home appliances.

He has been the face of many big-name companies, such as McDonald’s, Nike, Doritos, KFC, and Meineke. He has also put out a line of cleaning products that are safe for the environment, a line of personal care products, a health shake, a shoe for diabetics, and a restaurant franchise.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long ago did he begin boxing?

George Foreman is still going strong at the age of 73. (10 January 1949).

How Much Does George Foreman Get Paid?

The annual salary of George Foreman is predicted to reach $15 million.

How much money did George Foreman make with his grill?

It is claimed that he has received a total of over $200 million from the endorsement, which is far more than he made as a boxer. Prior to that, he was paid roughly 40% of the profits on each grill sold, earning him $4.5 million a month in royalties at its peak.

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