Gerard Pique Net Worth: Is Shakira and Piqué Separated? Latest News 2022!

Gerard Piqué, a footballer for Barcelona, and Shakira, a Colombian singer, are reportedly divorcing. Shakria stated last Saturday, in a statement provided by her representatives and published by the Spanish news agency EFE, that she and Piqué have decided to divorce after more than a decade of marriage. There is a rumour that Piqué has been unfaithful, although accusations that Gavi’s mother was involved are false.

“We regret to confirm that our relationship has ended,” the statement states. “Our first priority is the safety of our children, thus we request that our privacy be respected. Thank you for your patience.”

Indeterminate at this point is how the couple will divide their estate.

How Much Are the Two Worth?

Shakira is worth a stunning $300 million, according to, while Piqué is worth $80 million. The couple owns a property in the upscale Pedralbes neighbourhood of Barcelona that is valued at €5 million and features extensive private gardens.

Piqué has acquired two Spanish football clubs through his investment firm Kosmos Holdings: FC Andorra and Gimnàstic Manresa. Both clubs speak Catalan, but FC Andorra is founded in the micronation of Andorra, which is located between France and Spain.

Shakira’s Miami property is valued at $11.6 million and spans 20,740 square feet. The pair had resided together in Barcelona, however it has been reported that Piqué now resides alone in a smaller apartment closer to the city centre.

Shakira is also being investigated for tax fraud by the Spanish authorities.

Gerard Pique Early Life

Gerard Pique Bernabeu was born on February 2, 1987 in Barcelona, Spain. Despite his grandfather’s position as vice president of the popular Barcelona FC, his parents instilled in him an appreciation for the local culture.

His admirers were dissatisfied after he expressed contentious views towards Catalan independence. He was reared with a strong commitment to Catalan culture. Gerard began playing for the FC Barcelona youth team when he was young, although Manchester United also offered to sign him. As a member of a wealthy family prior to his professional soccer career, Gerard Piques’ net worth only grew substantially when he began playing professionally.

Gerard Pique Career

In 2004, Gerard begin his professional career with Manchester United. He was more of a replacement. However, his potential was noticed, and he received a new contract.

He then played for Real Zaragoza in the Spanish La Liga for one season before returning to Manchester United in 2007. The process of increasing Gerard Pique’s net worth began when he played his first Champions League match.

He was a Manchester United player. Before receiving a call from Barcelona FC, the footballer featured in many matches for the club. Gerrard signed a transfer worth 5 million pounds. It was merely the start of Gerard Pique’s net worth.

The professional soccer player displayed extraordinary skill by scoring many goals. He was one of the primary contributors to Barcelona’s Copa del Rey victory. Gerard Pique’s list of accomplishments includes a Champions League victory against his previous team, Manchester United.

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The football player renewed his contract with Barcelona FC. This has enabled him to win the 2011 Champions League final against Manchester United for a second time. He received a contract extension in 2014 and remained a worthy member of the team till 2019.

Since he has won numerous historic matches, Gerard Pique’s net worth has doubled each time. Even in 2015, he helped Barcelona win the Champions League by overcoming Juventus. In reality, Pique is regarded as one of the eight players who “won the treble with the same club twice.”

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