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Gold Rush’s 13th Season Has Finally Been Confirmed. Here Are All the Important Details.

gold rush season 13 release date

While many reality series come and go, Discovery Network’s “Gold Rush” has stayed on the air for a full dozen seasons, chronicling the ups and downs of a group of gold miners as they try to make it big in the face of treachery, avarice, and the harsh environment of the mining fields.

Fans don’t seem to mind that “Gold Rush” lacks the drama and escape of shows like “The Bachelor” or “Real Housewives,” or that it focuses on a group of people who aren’t necessarily all that interesting. The People’s Choice Award goes to “Gold Rush” as the most popular Discovery Channel program. The popularity of actors Parker Schnabel, Tony Beets, and Fred Lewis show no signs of slowing down.

The 12th season of “Gold Rush” is ending up as this is published, and viewers are already craving more. What the heck is going on with Season 13? Who, for instance, will be in the cast, and what exactly is the conflict?

When Will the Thirteenth Season of Gold Rush Begin Airing?

Finally, on Friday, September 30 at 8 p.m. Eastern, Discovery will air the opening of Gold Rush Season 13. Even though the show has always debuted in October, this is a week later than the Season 12 launch.

What about the cast of Gold Rush Season 13?

Having covered the premiere, we can move on to discussing the actors. Season 13 casting is difficult to predict due to the large number of people who make up the “Gold Rush” crews in each of the show’s locations. It’s impossible to know who will join the cast in Season 13, but we can be assured that our favorites will be back. Yes, we’re referring to series regulars Parker Schnabel, Fred Dodge, Chris, Tony Beets, and Rick Ness. Since the show was so successful financially, there’s no reason they wouldn’t want to come back.

A reality TV deal can be rather profitable, in contrast to the risky lifestyle of nomadic gold mining. The primary cast members are now reportedly worth millions of dollars, at least according to sites like Celebrity Net Worth. Compared to Tony’s $15 million, Parker’s net worth is believed to be $8 million. From a financial perspective, it doesn’t make sense that any of the current cast members would want to leave the program, thus they’ll probably all be back for Season 13.

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In What Other Ways Might You Look Forward to the Future of Gold Rush?

Season 13 of “Gold Rush” has not been officially renewed, so we don’t know much else about it. However, we can speculate that it will feature plenty of drama, gold, and perhaps more about Parker Schnabel’s romantic life. According to Distractify, Parker’s (who looks much like Adam Driver) ex-girlfriend Ashley made an appearance in Season 7, before vanishing when the couple broke up in Season 8. Since then, people can’t stop thinking about trying to figure out what’s going on with Parker.

Some of his 2020 fans may have thought he was dating his “Parker’s Trail” co-star Tyler Mahoney. However, it turns out that they were completely wrong. “Me and Parker have a pretty nice relationship, we get along extremely well, we communicate constantly,” Tyler remarked in a YouTube Q&A. If you need further proof that they are not dating, simply have a look at Tyler’s Instagram, which is full of pictures of her genuine boyfriend.

What will Season 13 of “Gold Rush” bring for the characters? Perhaps Parker will find a new girlfriend; we can only hope.

Gold Rush Season 13 Trailer

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much is Gold Rush’s Parker Worth?

The Net Worth of Parker Schnabel is $10 Million.

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How Much Does Parker Compensate His Staff?

The average hourly compensation for Parker Schnabel’s workforce is approximately $34.

Why Did Brandon Decide to Abandon Parker on Gold Rush?

Ruault acknowledged in a Season 12 episode, as reported by Distractify in October 2021, that his problematic relationship with Schabel was the reason for his departure. He reportedly stated, “I don’t think it’s going to go much farther for me” when the show played a clip reel of the couple’s most memorable arguments.

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