December 1, 2021


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Good news, order and big promises … taken from the early days of the climate conference

Before the opening of COP26 in Glasgow (United Kingdom), many voices had already been raised to foretell a failure. But at the end of the first week of negotiations, Friday, November 5, the results are very mixed. Amid ambitious commitments and promises of big money, franceinfo lists the good and bad things of the UN climate conference.

An obstacle path

You have to be patient to listen to the heads of state who met on COP26, Monday 1st and Tuesday 2nd November. Endless queue outside, security checks … finally waiting for an hour and a half to enter the site, a start to the summit placed under the sign of irritability.

According to several NGOs, thousands of experts have been unable to attend the talks, failing to enter, suffering from a lengthy and complicated health control process. The inaccessibility of low-traffic people on buses delivering spacecraft to the convention site, MinisterIsraeli energy, it moves In a wheelchair, he lost a COP on Monday. Finally Karen Elhorra was welcomed the next day, Boris Johnson To be embarrassed.

November 2, 2021 in Glasgow (UK), & nbsp;  & nbsp;  (AFP)

Not only was there physical access to the event, but this first week also highlighted the difficulties faced by small delegates from the South. Complex health measures, restricted accommodation costs, logistics difficulties … many restrictions that reduce some countries to virtual peace.

Stabilizing the limit at 1.5 C

In 2015, the Paris Climate Agreement Recognized the purpose of Containing “Significant increase in planetary average temperature below 2 ° C compared to pre-industrial conditions”, Below 1.5 C. Six years later, this very low number is featured in intergovernmental debates and speeches by heads of state. Cursor modification to what was initially requested by scientists and most vulnerable countries: “We have to survive at 1.5 C”, Barbados remembers Prime Minister Mia Motley. “Two Deaths Death Penalty” Many countries like him are at risk of sea level rise.

Will this goal be achieved? At the beginning of COP26, the sum of each country’s pledges led to a rise in temperature to about 2.7 C by the end of the century. But with the week’s announcements, the path will approach slightly more than the exceptional threshold of 1.5 ° C: the International Energy Agency estimates that this will now lead us to + 1.8 C. Of course, the promises are fulfilled.

Surprising promises

To achieve this 1.5 ° C target, some of the largest greenhouse gas emitters are being towed. Under fire from critics for its environmental policy, the Brazilian government created a surprise by raising its ambitions to reduce CO2 emissions: less 50% by 2030 (compared to the previous 43%) and the target “Carbon Neutral by 2050”. Such as India, the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases, has announced its intention to achieve carbon neutrality by 2070.

True false news

About deforestation. On Monday evening, more than a hundred countries sheltered 85% of the world’s forests It is committed to stop deforestation by 2030. NGOs were reminded that there are no fools and this agreement only takes back promises New York Declaration on Forests (Link in English), Signed by 38 countries in 2014. There has already been talk of halving deforestation by 2020 and efforts to end it by 2030.

There is nothing new about being in Brazil among the signatories: the country “Promised to eradicate illegal deforestation on its soil in 2015, it has not happened yet”, Geologist Fran பிரான்ois-Michel Le Turno mentions, Research director at CNRS and an expert at Amazon. The worst thing is that Indonesia, the signatory country that is home to the world’s third largest tropical forest, has already backtracked on its commitment.

On methane. On Tuesday, 100 countries accounted for more than 40% of global emissions Methane, These are promised to reduce greenhouse gas emissions At least 30% by 2030, compared to 2020 levels. Again: no Surprise. European Union and United States Had announced this “Global Involvement” Since September, Then referring to a “Try” Will be launched in COP26.

If the goal “Collaboration” Already listed in black and white, only eight countries in addition to the EU have expressed their support. True, the three major pollutants – China, Russia and India – Missing, but “aWith so many countries on board, this commitment will make a real difference in the rate of global warming. “, The chairman of the World Resource Organization, an American think tank, believes (Link in English).

A charcoal awakening

At the initiative of the British government, more than forty countries a “Announcement for the transition from coal to clean energy”. This includes countries in the “top 10” users of this resource for power generation, such as South Korea, Indonesia and Poland. On the other hand, key shareholders in the sectors of Australia, China, India, USA, Japan or Russia were not among the signatories.

At the same time, about twenty countries (including large investors such as the United States and Canada) and financial institutions have pledged to stop funding fossil energy projects abroad by the end of 2022, without carbon capture techniques. “It is gratifying to have this coal deal, but it is not enough This is because it does not prevent the construction of new plants in China or elsewhere, Sandrin Mehti, Director of Research at CNRS, responded on franceinfo. The good news though: this new project will include gas and oil for the first time. It also promises to return the money to renewable energy.

Finally, the United States, the United Kingdom and the European Union announced that they would raise $ 8.5 billion ForAccelerate the transition from coal to renewable energy. ” In South Africa, The country is firmly dependent on this energy source Has been.

Parade of the rich

According to Daily Mail (Link in English), “400 private jets land in Glasgow” For that COP26. In the group, there are executives, celebrities and billionaires like Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. As the head of the empire based on consumption and online commerce, he has promised to provide space entrepreneur and controversial entrepreneur. “$ 2 billion has been allocated to restore nature and change the diet.” OfAfrica was paid to build a 8000 km long wooden wall. For his part, Microsoft founder Bill Gates arrived $ 315 million should be provided to support affected farmers.

Enough to scold activists and voluntary charities, quickly point out the responsibility of these interested philanthropists in greenhouse gas emissions. “It’s not a climate conference anymore. It’s one of the richest green laundry festivals. It’s a celebration Business as usual And Pla “, Criticized Swedish environmental activist Greta Tunberg.

The day before, he had taken part in the action of several hundred members of the Extinction rebellion (XR) movement against it. “Dangerous Practice” who “Misleading the public, convincing them that we are acting”. According to a spokesman for the organization’s Scottish branch.

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