Good: One year imprisonment for fake PCR test certificate

A Brussels court has sentenced a dishonest traveler to one year in prison and fined 4 4,000 by default.

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A Brussels court naturally convicted a dishonest traveler One year in prison and a fine of 4000 euros, After he tried Fly through the fake PCR test Denied any compliance.

May 7, 2021 at the airport Brussels-Zaventem, Showed a person boarding an unspecified aircraft with a negative PRC test certificate for Covit-19. But one of the suspicious officers wanted to verify the veracity of the facts Laboratory The certificate is quoted, of no use: there is no file number or passenger name on the list.

The person involved in the act, agreed to the purchase 30 euros Invalid certificate. But it is Refused a standard fine Set in Belgium for 750 euros Since spring, Then Not provided In Halle-Wilward Court where he was summoned. Yesterday’s decision carries a one-year prison sentence and a fine of 4,000 euros.

According to the RTFF, the court ruled that it “ Serious facts “, Because it” Travel abroad by plane that the epidemic is spreading worldwide “.Named person”. Demonstrated a social and dangerous attitude. This not only shows a lack of deep respect for the caretakers, but also endangers the health and safety of other passengers. .

April 19 to June 11, 576 people Surprised by false PCR tests. Last April, a lawyer from the same court underlined after finding 58 counterfeiters in a week. Stubborn minorities “, But these are some people” Affects the travel safety of anyone who may be fine and have a really negative Govt test “.The dishonest could certainly not go aboard.

Good: Fake PCR test certificate 1 year imprisonment for Air Journal

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