Guadeloupe’s CHU condemns caregivers’ “massive non-availability”

Guadeloupe’s CHU management condemned Wednesday, November 3.Massive attendance rate“Among his staff, suspicion”Facility stops“Leads her to consider”See the Commission of Physicians.

According to local hospital officials, the rate of non-attendance is “About 30% of some nursing servicesWith increasing strikes in recent days. However, the Guadeloupe Hospital Center underscores “Compliance rate of more than 80% with vaccination obligationsஊழியர்கள் Employees of the company were up 30% in mid-September.

Unusually high

The number of diseased leaves seen since October 25 is unusually high during this period, compared to similar periods of previous years.“, CHU Director, Gérard Cotellon, underlined a finding”Indescribable visit other than stopping for convenience“. According to him,”CHU is forced to combine multiple surgical and medical services as part of a business continuity plan“. He called too.”All health professionals must fully accept responsibilities“And assigned”The Guadeloupe Public Social Security Fund and the Council of Guadeloupe Commission have the right to appeal this situation.

Cédric Zolezzi, deputy director of Pointe-it-Pitre / Abymes University Hospital, told AFP: “It is so amazing that everyone gets sick on the same date in such a proportion. ⁇We can imagine gestures of solidarity or opposition even if these people are in a good position in matters that concern them personally.“, He continued, while the social situation in Guadeloupe has been tense in recent weeks, in the wake of challenges to caregivers’ vaccination obligation.

About 600 of them were suspended, and of the 3,300 agents, Cedric Jolesi argued that formalities were also taking place.Every day», Putting an end to suspensions. “They have changed the currency“Car”80% of those vaccinated are forced“The question was raised by the AFP,” said KP Clavier, UTS UGTG’s union representative at CHU.