Hanna Season 4: Why Won’t This Show Have Another Season? Check Out Here!

Amazon Prime Video makes the action-drama show “Hanna,” about a teenage assassin with the same name. The show, based on the 2011 movie of the same name and directed by David Farr, is about a super-soldier named Hanna made by the CIA’s UTRAX project.

Hanna gets through different problems with the help of Erik, who saves her and raises her as his child. It has a fear of assassins, the desire to have normal adolescence, and the protective but suffocating grip of Erik, her father figure, and Marissa, a hunter who has become her protector.

The show has three seasons and started on February 3, 2019. Critics have praised the show for its exciting plot and Esme Creed-strong Miles’s performance as Hanna.

Fans worldwide are drawn to the action thriller’s dark and morally complicated characters. The end of Season 3 is a masterful reveal of what happens to all of our favorite (and not-so-favorite) feelings and a resolution of many important plot points.

Fans are eager to find out if there will be a fourth season. Here’s everything you need to know about the fourth season of “Hanna.”

Will Hanna Have a Season 4?

Hanna Season 4

David Farr, who wrote the screenplay for the movie Hanna, also made the TV show. When the show was renewed for a third season, he said, “I’m so happy to be able to do this.” “When we started this journey, I had in mind a drama that would dig into Hanna’s past, challenge her in entirely new ways, and answer the question: Can she ever belong?

I’m very thankful to Amazon and NBCU for making it possible for us to keep going with that vision. I also owe a lot to Esmé Creed-Miles and Mireille Enos for their dedication and tremendous talent as we take Hanna and Marissa into new and uncharted territory. It will be an exciting third act.”


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Six episodes in the third season ended on an inspiring note. Fans of the show hoped that there would be another season. But when the third season started, Farr tweeted, “Everyone, enjoy the final act.” Also, it was made clear that the third season would be the last.

Why Won’t This Show Have Another Season?

Hanna Season 4

There is a perfect ending to the show that will make viewers happy. It also leaves the door open for Hanna’s life to start a new chapter. On the other hand, Farr said that season 3 is the end because “there is no more story.” He told Screen Rant that the characters could go on, but the main story he wanted to tell was about Hanna growing up and becoming a kind of adult.

In the third season, she can do this when she faces her past and can break free of it. At the show’s end, she gives herself the chance to live her life however she wants.

Farr had always planned for Hanna’s story to have three parts. He always prepared for the third season to be the last one. He did say that Hanna could have another season if he thought there was a new story to tell. But the story of the child killer ended in a way that was as good as it could be.

The Cast of Season 4 of Hanna

Esme Creed-Miles is the main character of the show Hanna. She is a human child whose genes were changed to give her superpowers. Later, her father saves her from serious threats to her life.

Erik Heller, Hanna’s creator and father, is played by Joel Kinnaman. Erik is a former CIA worker who falls in love with Hanna’s mother and decides to run away from operation UTRAX.

Hanna’s enemy turned friend turned mother figure is Mireille Enos, who Marissa Wiegler plays. A part of the UTRAX program run by the CIA.

Noah Taylor played Dr. Roland Kunek, a scientist who made workout plans for the young UTRAX team.

John Carmichael, the king of two UTRAX shows, is played by Dermot Mulroney.

Ray Liotta is Gordan Evans, the show’s main character.

The Storyline of Hanna

Hanna’s character got a fitting and morally proper ending in Season 3 of the show. This little girl is turned into a fighting machine very young. She was born more as an experiment than out of love or kindness. Finally, her father discovers her daughter is in danger and helps her and her mother escape that cage.

The person who wrote this show has a background in theatre, and his way of working is similar to what people do in theatre. His story was clear from the start of the first season and is cleverly split into three parts: Hanna’s birth, when she is a teenager, and they escape UTRAX, and her journey to find the natural world and who she is.


Since the movie Hanna came out, David Farr has been very clear about what he wants to do. He wanted to show how this young hero grew and changed, from when she was born to when she was a teenager and then a muscular woman named Hanna. All of these life stages are self-explanatory and make sense, so we don’t need more information in a story that already has so much closure.

But the show’s creators ended it because they had nothing more to say about Hanna. She had started a new life under a new name and was no longer being watched by the CIA.

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