October 23, 2021


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Heat Destination: 46 ° C in Spain and above 50 C in Morocco this Sunday

Weather – Breathing is expected this Saturday and Sunday in Spain and Morocco due to an increase in air mass from the Sahara. The event is reminiscent of the intense heat that hit Canada two weeks ago.

Southern Europe is also affected by the “heat dome”. The event – albeit a little differently – caused temperatures over 49 in Lytton two weeks ago in western Canada, with extreme temperatures over the weekend in southern Spain and Morocco. Temperatures of 42, 43 and 44 C are also expected in Andalusia, but a good part of Spain. The Spanish meteorological agency AEMET has released a new warning bulletin calling on people to take precautionary measures.

What are the causes of this exceptional heat wave? Plenty of warm air from the Sahara, which is located in southern Spain. A “blocking high” that compresses the air by pressing it to the ground and heating it up further. This hot air compression dries the soil, which raises the temperature. Then the dome grows and the air becomes hotter and hotter.At this time of the year the most important sunlight increased an event.

AEMET warns that warmer temperatures are expected not only on Sunday but also on Monday. With a fear of 44 C in the Guadalquivir Valley in the south of the country. The city of Seville could experience a new heat record (until then set at 46.6 at C on July 23, 1995). On Monday, temperatures above 44 ச C were also feared in the Murcia region. To the point of breaking the absolute heat record on Spain? (47.3 C in Montoro in July 2017). This is a hypothesis that has not been rejected by meteorologists.

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At least 45 C in Spain and Morocco: Predictions by Lewis Bodin

Does Morocco exceed 50 C?

Also in the south, Morocco and Algeria, the 50 ° C bar could be crossed domestically this weekend, as well as areas such as Fez (46.4 of C may have broken the record) or Marrakesh (probably close to 49.6 of C). Can break the national heating record set at 50.3 ° C in Morocco on July 13, 1961 in Smara.

A thermal dome in France?

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  • Nearly 50 C in Canada: Can a heat dome form in France?

France is not completely free of heat domes “, which are set” approximately at moderate latitudes “ Christoph Casso, CNRS researcher and editor-in-chief of the Sixth IPCC Report.

The country already knows a lot. The 2003 heat wave, which recorded temperatures above 35 ° C in two-thirds of the country’s stations and killed nearly 20,000 people, was driven by a single heat dome. The same goes for the 2019 heat wave, where the absolute temperature record was broken with 46 ° C in the Herald, exceeding the 44.1 C established in August 2003 on the card.

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