Here’s if Love Is Blind’s Danielle & Nick Are Still Together & Where They Are Now


Nick and Danielle were one of the most popular couples in Season 2 of Love Are Blind, so fans are curious about what transpired between them after filming wrapped.

There are more than 30 competitors in the second season of Love Is Blind, including Nick Thompson and Danielle Ruhl. The Netflix original series Love Is Blind aired in 2020 and follows thirty singles over the course of ten days as they engage in blind speed dating in “Pods,” where they can hear but not see each other.

All couples are still blindfolded and have 10 days to determine if they want to be engaged. After the proposal, the couples travel to a resort in Mexico to spend some quality time together and get to know one another.

Once the honeymoon is over, the couples who reside in the same city will move in together to get to know each other’s families and friends before the big day. Each couple faces the age-old dilemma of whether or not love is truly blind as they stand at the altar on their respective wedding days and make the decision to either marry or call off the wedding.

is danielle and nick still together

Who is Nick from Love Is Blind season 2?

In season 2 of “Love Is Blind,” who plays Nick Thompson? Nick, a Chicago native, is 36 years old and a vice president of product marketing. To follow Nick on Instagram, click on his handle, which is @nthompson513. “Humanist. In Season 2 of “Love Is Blind,” Blind Love. Advertising for Goods and Services. Iced coffee. The bears versus the bulls. There are no genetically modified ingredients.

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His Instagram bio states, “Be Important.” Nick’s Instagram post of a Love Is Blind season 2 headshot and the caption “I’m sort of a clean freak” came after he was revealed as a series regular. With the remark, “It’s been quite an experience hunting for love, at times in all the wrong places,” he shared his story.

Now I’m eager to have you all come along on my adventure to discover if love is blind when Season 2 of @loveisblindnetflix premieres on February 11!

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What went down on the show?

Faster than you can say “engagement,” they announced their engagement. Immediately following the conclusion of the pilot. As Danielle admitted in one session, she is “ready to be married to him tomorrow.” “I will not allow anything to stand in the way of this.”

In spite of how much they cared for one another, their time together on the show was far from perfect. Their first argument happened on a trip to Mexico when Nick went to the cast party without Danielle, who was unwell. As a couple, they went back to Chicago and kept wedding preparations going, although they had some more problems. But before the series finale, Ruhl went on Instagram to clear up some confusion about what had occurred in Mexico.

As she explained in her letter, “the genuine story is that I told Nick about a horrible event I had in college immediately before I encouraged him to go to the couple’s party without me to represent us as a pair.” While sick in bed, “I started to get in my own thoughts and questioned whether I had shared too much too soon and I started to alleviate an incident that I had repressed for so long.”

Are Nick and Danielle still together from Love Is Blind?

What happened between Nick Thompson and Danielle Ruhl after the second season of Love Is Blind? To put it simply, no. Associate Director of Marketing Danielle (29), and Vice President of Product Marketing Nick (36), met in Love Is Blind season 2’s The Pods, fell in love and got married in the season finale.

Along with Jarrette and Iyanna, they were the second couple to tie the knot in season 2 of Love Is Blind. So… Can we assume that Nick and Danielle from Love Are Blind Season 2 are still together? In a word, yeah.

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“That would really make me huff and puff,” she admitted. Nick and Danielle became close since they both struggled with obesity as children. She shed 70 pounds, Danielle said to Nick. That’s the last thing I wanted to tell you. I’m terrified to tell anyone because I don’t want anyone to worry that she’ll go back to that when they hear the news.

I have a lot of self-doubt about that,” she admitted. Nick went on to tell Danielle that he, too, had been a “chunky” kid before he got into health and fitness in college.


Nick and Danielle were one of the most popular couples from season 2. Fans are wondering what happened to them after filming wrapped. The couple met in season 2’s “The Pods” Nick and Danielle fell in love, got married, and had a honeymoon. Nick Thompson is a series regular on “Love Is Blind” Season 2 premieres on Netflix on February 11. The couple also had some rocky times during their time together on the set of Love Is Blind.

After their wedding, she filed for divorce from him on August 21. The couple had their first argument during a trip to Mexico. Danielle’s Rock Band equipment is now permanently installed in the family room.

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