How France prepares to deport its compatriots

Edited by William Molini, Antoine Terrell

France has called on its people to leave Ethiopia “without delay” as the rebels approach the capital, Addis Ababa. About 200 French people have already left Addis Ababa this week, and the first special charter charter is due to land there on Sunday.

There is growing concern in Ethiopia, where a war without pictures is currently underway, with journalists and voluntary organizations barred from entering the country. In more than a year of war against government forces, insurgents from the Tigre People’s Liberation Front have demanded major regional gains and are moving closer to the capital, Addis Ababa. A situation of being pushed France calls on its citizens to leave the country “without delay”. If the security situation worsens further, on the spot, the authorities are preparing to evacuate.

Two evacuation plans are on schedule: by direct flights from the capital or via a stop in Djibouti. More than 200 French people have already fled Addis Ababa this week, but there are still a thousand left. And on Sunday, the first specially drafted charter will land in Dorma. A second is scheduled for Tuesday if needed. The exodus will turn into an exodus if the Tigris rebels move closer to the Ethiopian capital.

France did not send special forces there

The military is examining the US operation to deploy about fifteen jumbo jets and four Chinook helicopters in Djibouti. They were the ones who set up the diplomatic tempo with 30,000 Americans in the region.

At this point, France is not sending any special forces there at this point, which is why we are not talking about a situation like Afghanistan. However, all eyes are on the Chinese authorities. So far no order has been issued. With 15,000 nationalities, China is the most established in Ethiopia.