How Much Wealth Does Viktor Bout “Merchant of Death” Have in 2022?


Viktor Bout is a well-known businessman, entrepreneur, and former military translator for the Soviet Union. He deals in weaponry.

Since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, Viktor Bout has utilized the several firms he owns to transport weapons from Eastern Europe to Africa and the Middle East. This activity took place throughout the 1990s and early 2000s.

As part of a prisoner swap involving the famed American basketball player Brittney Griner, one of the most notorious arms dealers in the world, Viktor Bout, was recently set free from US jail.

Short Bio

Name Viktor Bout
Real Name Unknown
Gender Male
Profession Russian arms dealer
Date of Birth 13 January 1967
Age 55 years old
Birthplace Dushanbe, Tajik SSR, Soviet Union
Nationality Russian
Net Worth 2022 $50 Million

Viktor Bout Biography

The admirers are looking up the Russian arms trader Viktor Bout’s biography. He is known as Viktor Bout. The life story of Viktor Bout, along with a great deal of additional information, may be found on this page.

It is common knowledge that Viktor Bout is a prominent arms trader in Russia. The majority of people are looking for information regarding Viktor Bout’s net worth in 2022. As a result, the aforementioned material has been modernized.

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There are certain people who are going to be really interested in learning the backstory of their favorite celebrities. If you are a fan of Viktor Bout, then you should read this article thoroughly to learn additional details.

On January 13, 1967, Viktor Bout came into the world. As of the year 2022, Viktor Bout has therefore reached the age of 55. It is common knowledge that Viktor Bout is a prominent arms trader in Russia. There are likely many people who are curious about Viktor Bout’s height; according to a number of reliable sources, Viktor Bout is tall. Maintain contact with us in order to receive the most recent information.

viktor bout net worth

Early Life

On January 13, 1967, in Dushanbe, which was located in what was then known as the Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic of the USSR, Viktor Bout was born.

Is not known very much else about his background or his upbringing, and even the date of his birth is not completely confirmed.

Military Service

After completing his studies at the Military Institute of Foreign Languages, Bout became a member of the Soviet Armed Forces. In addition to being fluent in Russian, he is also proficient in Portuguese, Persian, Arabic, English, and French thanks to his schooling.

Due to the fact that Bout spoke multiple languages, he purportedly worked as a translator for the Soviet Army. It is said that he was released from service in 1991, following the dissolution of the USSR.

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Career Beginnings

Following his discharge from the military, Bout held a variety of occupations, and these vary depending on the source. According to the information that can be found on his own website, he was the founder of an air freight company named Air Cess which was based in Angola.

The United States of America, France, and the United Nations were all customers of the company’s services. In 1994, Bout delivered packages to the government of Afghanistan that existed prior to the Taliban. Other reports claim that in addition to his stint as a major in the GRU, Bout served either as an agent for the KGB or as an officer in the Soviet Air Forces.

Arms Trafficking

It is believed that Bout smuggled a variety of weapons into Africa from Bulgaria between the years 1996 and 1998, probably with the intention of giving them to UNITA so that they might use them in the Angolan Civil War. During this time, he was accused of sending weaponry to warlord Charles Taylor in order for him to use them in the first civil war that Liberia had experienced. During the Yugoslav Wars, Bout was also accused of being involved in the trade of guns.

In 2004, Bout and his partner Richard Chichakli formed a corporation in Tajikistan that was to be used for the purpose of engaging in operations related to the laundering of money. During this time period, it is said that he provided guns to a variety of groups located in Africa.

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Additionally, it is alleged that he shipped surface-to-air missiles to Kenya with the intention of using them in an attack on an Israeli aircraft. According to reports, Bout maintained a significant economic presence in Libya in addition to his other interests there.

However, due to the fact that he was continuously moving around, operating several firms, and frequently re-registering his aircraft, the police were never able to successfully construct a case against him for smuggling weaponry in Africa.

Prosecution and Conviction

After his arrest in Bangkok, the US Department of Justice filed charges against Bout, accusing him of conspiring to kill US citizens and officials, conspiring to provide resources to a foreign terrorist organization, and conspiring to deliver anti-aircraft missiles. All of these charges were brought in connection with the same incident.

At the beginning of 2010, additional allegations were brought against him. In the end, in November of 2022, a federal court in Manhattan found Bout guilty of the charges against him. The next year, in April, he was found guilty and given a sentence of 25 years in prison.

viktor bout net worth

In the Media

Bout has either had an effect on or been the focus of a variety of different forms of media. In Nick Kochan‘s book “The Washing Machine,” which was published in 2005, the third chapter was devoted to him.

In the same year, the true story of Bout was used as the basis for the crime film “Lord of War,” which starred Nicolas Cage in the role of an international armaments trafficker.

Additionally, the story of Bout has been told in the documentary “The Notorious Mr. Bout,” which was released in 2014, as well as in episodes of the documentary series “Manhunt: Kill or Capture” and “Damian Lewis: Spy Wars.”

Viktor Bout’s Net Worth

Viktor Bout is a well-known international arms trader who has accumulated a net worth of $50 million. throughout the course of his career.

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, it is believed that Viktor Bout used his several air transport firms to smuggle weapons worth potentially billions of dollars from Eastern Europe to the Middle East and Africa over the course of several decades, most notably during the 1980s and 1990s.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Viktor Bout?

Viktor Bout is known as a Russian arms dealer. Viktor Bout was born on 13 January 1967 and presently Viktor Bout is 55 years old.

What is Viktor Bout Net Worth?

Viktor Bout is a Russian arms dealer who has a net worth of $50 Million. Viktor Bout was born on 13 January 1967.

How Old is Viktor Bout?

Viktor Bout was born on 13 January 1967. Viktor Bout is 55 years old.

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