How the Americans broke the already broken agreement

Story – If the reasons for the sinking are somewhat linked to geopolitical questions, the clouds have long accumulated in the “deal of the century”.

With Gregory Place (in Sydney)

Officially, none of the French arrived. Even the Australians would have been stunned. No one expected such a turning pointIn particular, two weeks ago there was a bilateral meeting between the defense and foreign ministers of the two countries, at the end of which military cooperation between France and Australia was strengthened. Herve Lemahiu, a researcher at the Lowe’s Institute, explains that the Australian think tank specializes in questions of international politics.

However, the clouds have long accumulated in the “deal of the century” and you should not be blind or ostrich without seeing them. In 2017, some Australian officials personally criticized France for not investing enough in what it considers a strategic partnership. “We have the impression that it is not as important to Paris as it is to us,” he said. One of them said in Canberra.

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