Hungary wants to ban “promoting” homosexuality among minors

Several NGOs on Thursday criticized Victor Orban’s party for “copying dictatorial models against European values.”

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Le Fitzgerald, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s party on Thursday (June 10) tabled legislative amendments aimed at banning “promotion” According to an article published on the website of the Hungarian parliament, homosexuality or transgenderism among girls. If the proposal is approved, advertising in support of education programs or gay and lesbian content will no longer be allowed in the country.

Five NGOs, including Amnesty International and Budapest Pride, immediately condemned the move in a statement. “This new project” Fitzgerald is like Russian law that punishes any act “Campaign” Intended for homosexual youth. If these clauses are accepted, “Freedom of expression and children’s rights will be severely restricted”, Voluntary charities warned.

The NGOs behind the press release are critical of Hungary “Copy Dictatorship Models Against European Values”. Sorry for that “The government is turning against its own citizens by following the example of Russia and China.”

This new anti-LGP attack comes in the wake of the hardening of Victor Orban’s politics, branding loud and clear what he considers to be traditional Christian values, and “New Era” Cultural. In December 2020, Parliament adopted measures incorporating the traditional concept of family and “gender” in the Constitution, actually prohibiting the adoption of same-sex couples.