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The following joke is one of my favorites since it is so simple to set up. For example, if you gave someone a box of cookies for Christmas, you could simply open the box and eat the cookies, as you will only need the container for this joke.

It is highly recommended that it be a tin can similar to this one. You are going to essentially be spraying the interior with the foulest and most repulsive liquid you are able to locate, something that has a strong odor. Put the lid on it, and make sure it’s on there nice and tight so that it seals in all of that awful smell until Christmas morning when it can be opened. Yuck!

I Believe in Santa Plot

It would appear that Lisa (Christina Moore) has finally found Mr. Right in Tom (John Ducey). They have a wonderful dynamic, and things appear to be going swimmingly. On the other hand, Lisa is curious as to the catch. Why doesn’t she realize the potential that he has? The answer presents itself to her throughout the holiday season. It turns out Tom is Santa-obsessed to the point of actually thinking the man could exist.

She seemed to be completely taken aback. She is taken aback by the abundance of Christmas decorations and the central role Mr. Claus plays in them when she first visits his house for the holidays.

Lisa is worried because Christmas is her least favorite holiday, although most people probably wouldn’t give a hoot if someone else’s favorite holiday was Christmas. As a result, she avoided composing a work-related document on Thanksgiving Day.

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I Believe in Santa Cast

Lisa, portrayed by Christina Moore, is a woman who dislikes the holiday of Christmas. The performance of the actress in “Claws,” “Lady Driver,” and “The Unicorn” brought her widespread recognition. Tom, the character that John Ducey plays, is a holiday enthusiast. Jonas, Will & Grace, and That’s Amor are just a few of the shows he’s worked on in the past. Both Lady Driver and That’s Amor were products of the pair’s prior collaborative efforts.

Additional cast members include Mark W. Gray as Santa Claus, Violet McGraw as Ella (Doctor Sleep, M3GAN, Black Widow), Sachin Bhatt as Tom’s friend Assan (Queer as Folk, Hidden Canyons, Into the Dark), Lateefah Holder as Lisa’s friend Sharon (The First Lady, A Very Queer Holiday), Matthew Glave as Grant (Army Wives, ER, The Rookie), and Lateefah Holder as The First Lady.

I Believe in Santa Release Date

Beginning on December 14, the special holiday presentation will be accessible to stream online.

I Believe in Santa Netflix

Netflix has not yet released its lineup of holiday-themed films, but it will soon. I Believe in Santa is a romantic comedy starring Christina Moore and John Ducey, and it is one of the next films on Santa’s list to be released. What happens in a relationship when one person is Santa-obsessed but the other person isn’t? It’s about time that we found out.

The idea behind the song “I Believe in Santa” came from the head of one of the show’s stars. The authorship of the piece is attributed to Ducey. Moore is not only the main actress but also the producer of the show.

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Ali Afshar (A California Christmas, Wheels of Fortune, and Lady Driver), Daniel Aspromonte (A Hollywood Christmas, and A Christmas Mystery), Stuart Davis (A California Christmas: City Lights, and A Christmas Mystery), and Ava Rettke are some of the other producers (A California Christmas, A Christmas Mystery). Alex Ranarivelo, who previously directed A Hollywood Christmas and A Christmas Mystery, was in charge of directing this movie.

I Believe in Santa Trailer

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Frequently Asked Questions

It also provides opportunities for shared belief and plays, reliving and sharing childhood memories, and encouraging empathy, kindness, and generosity. Believing in Santa Claus can also benefit children’s development as an avenue for creativity, imagination, and play.
How do you ask your kid if they believe in Santa?
In fact, children are most likely to believe in Santa if their parents endorse the Santa story, which isn’t surprising since parents are generally a reliable source of information for young children. Children are also most likely to believe in Santa if parents leave evidence around the house to support his story.


“I Believe in Santa” stars Christina Moore and John Ducey. Moore’s previous roles include “Claws,” “Lady Driver,” and “The Unicorn”. I Believe in Santa is a romantic comedy starring Christina Moore and John Ducey. Additional cast members include Mark W.

Gray, Violet McGraw, Sachin Bhatt, Lateefah Holder, and Matthew Glave. The movie I Believe in Santa tackles the question of whether or not kids should believe in Santa Claus.

Believing in Santa can benefit children’s development as an avenue for creativity, imagination, and play. Children are most likely to believe if their parents endorse the Santa story.

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