“I have no right to cancel the election, no opposition from the United States” … Mike Pence reconsiders Donald Trump

From our correspondent in the United States,

For more than a year, he had a low profile. But on Friday, Mike Pence challenged Donald Trump, who repeatedly said his vice president should have intervened. To prevent certification of results Presidential election, January 6, 2021. “President Trump’s mistake”, Mike Pence condemned “anti-American opinion” in the presence of conservatives of the Federalist Society in Orlando, Florida.

“President Trump is wrong. I have no right to cancel the election. There is nothing more anti-American than the idea that only one president can be elected, ”Pence said.

“Pentance Mike Pence”

After the November 2020 presidential election, the cold but respectful relationship between Mike Pence and Donald Trump, after the failure of all his legal solutions, stuck to one last hope: his vice president, using vague electoral law. In 1885, it rejected the voters of several controversial states so that they could be replaced by pro-Trump voters who would give victory to the current president.

But on the morning of January 6, Pence issued a letter explaining that his role was primarily “formal” and that it was his “constitutional duty” to certify the results. Two steps away, in front of his supporters, Donald Trump Lance “Mike Pence, I hope you will oppose for the good of our country. If you do not, I’m very disappointed. “

His supporters besieged and provoked Capitol Emergency eviction of Vice President, Donald Trump ignites the fire with this tweet: “Mike Pence does not have the courage to do what is necessary to defend our country and our Constitution. After a while, several rioters chanted “Hang Mike Pence”.

Trump gets it back

Donald Trump never digested this humiliation. In recent days, the former US president has issued two statements, repeatedly saying that “Mike Pence had the right” and “the election could have been changed”. The former White House tenant promised that the congressional committee on the attack on Capitol would “investigate the reason why Mike Pence did not return the ballot for a new certificate.”

Although he has repeatedly said he is “proud” of his decision, Mike Pence has never challenged Donald Trump. One change that could be linked to the 2024 US presidential election is that Republicans began to involve themselves in the primary election drawn by the knife.