Imprisonment for one year for traveling with a fake PCR test

This is the second sentence of its kind since the government announced on April 27 that it would dismantle such facts. From April 19 to June 11, 576 people were surprised by false PCR tests. The man arrived at the airport on May 7 as a result of a PCR test, indicating that he had tested negative for SARS-cov-2. A request was made to the laboratory where the test was performed, and it was revealed that there was no test with this reference number. The name of the person involved is also not in the database of the laboratory. The traveler then admitted that he had purchased a certificate for 30 euros.

The public prosecutor’s office in Halle-Wilworth offered the man a settlement of 750 euros, but he refused. He later failed to appear in court, where he was sentenced Monday to one year in prison and fined 4,000.

“These are serious facts,” the court said in its ruling. “The epidemic is spread worldwide by going abroad by plane. The person involved has demonstrated an anti-social and dangerous attitude. This shows a lack of deep respect for nursing staff, but it also poses a risk to the health and safety of other passengers.”