In China, censorship for video game makers is tightening

Management posed new barriers to the content of games: obscene characters, homosexual love, history rewriting, vague morality or colonialism.

It has been two months since the Chinese administration approved the marketing of video games. The freeze comes at a time when Beijing has taken over the technology industry and enacted new rules for using mobile games: 3 hour game only Per week for minors, Ban on “streamer” Games for under 16s …

But the Chinese government wants it too To “discipline” people’s leisure activitiesBy attacking, by attacking TV entertainment that glorifies celebrities “Fan forums», Or by making invisible stars unmixed with symbols of potency … Based on information from the South China Morning Post, The video game industry has also been affected.

The newspaper came in handy within minutes of a meeting where video game publishers learned about the new censorship rules about themselves. Any game that wants to be marketed in China must be approved by the administration, which can take years, a long, complicated process, leading to rejection if the content of the game does not respect certain rules (e.g. the presence of corpses). These profiles have become increasingly heavy.

Homosexuality is not love

Video game publishers reminded that their products are not. “Simple entertainment“But a new art form”Represents multiple values“. தி South China Morning Post Quote several red lines that should not be crossed. Of these, being in the game of homosexual romance, transvestite characters or obscene male characters. “If the controllers cannot immediately guess the gender of a character, that character will be considered problematic.»Stands for Report. Wendy, a character of the online game Jenshi’s impact, Is cited as an example of not following.

Not by games based on historical events or statisticsDistort the factsOr try rewriting history. Products that inspire Nazi Germany or Japan will be particularly explored. Be careful not to portray the Japanese warriors too favorably, this is comparable. “Militarism“- In this regard, the administration sees it”Many Chinese games seem to be more Japanese than Japanese games.“Encourage players to fight for sports”Barbarians“, They can be seen as a motivator”Colonial ideology.

The studios are committed to respecting these restrictions

Chinese censorship is not in favor of games depicting a post-apocalyptic world where the player must survive. As she resists games that are harmful to the athlete. “Some topics have vague morals where players can choose to do good or bad … We don’t think games should offer this opportunity.2, we can read in the report.

This list of new restrictions affects a large part of current video game production. Especially appreciated background on dystopian worlds or major post-disaster worlds (nuclear war, epidemic, zombie invasion …). Last week, 213 Chinese video game studios signed a self-regulatory agreement in which they pledged to ban content now.

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