In France, “over 100,000 pollutants a day by the end of the month,” says Oliver Vernon

On Wednesday, December 22, Health Minister Oliver Warren warned that the number of pollutants per day in France could exceed 100,000 by the end of December due to the high epidemic of the new variant Omigran. “By the end of the month we will have crossed 100,000 pollutants a day. This is exactly what is expected of the models.The Minister saidAn interview on BFM-TV and RMC.

The latest figures released by France on Tuesday evening show 72,832 new cases in twenty-four hours. In the last seven days, the average daily number of cases has risen to 54,231. “This variant is very new and very contagious unlike other types (…), Who had time to travel abroad for two or three months before coming here, where it is simultaneously accelerating across the planet ”, Mr. Said Warren.

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Majority “Between Christmas and New Year’s Day”

The pollution rate associated with the Omicron variant is currently 20% in France and “Probably 30% or 35% in Ile-de-France”, He estimated. Variation should be in the majority of the total number of pollutants “Between Christmas and New Year”, Mr. According to Veron.

“Of course there is: [Omicron] It is so contagious that it is in circulation and no country is going to escape. “ However, “Where there is a lot of rotation, for now, it will not lead to waves that will add to the hospital.”, The Minister noted. “Another confirmation that it is sensitive to the vaccine”, Said Oliver Warren, It opened the vaccine on Wednesday for children aged 5 to 11 – volunteers.

In France, 16,076 Covit-19 patients were admitted to hospital on Tuesday. Intensive care services treating 3,096 patients, including 357 new additions, within 24 hours. Since Monday, more than 3,000 patients have been in intensive care, which has not been reached since May.

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