December 1, 2021


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In Georgia, Michael Sakashvili called off a hunger strike after fifty days.

Former Georgian President and opposition leader Mikheil Saakashvili has called off a 50-day hunger strike on Saturday, November 20, after being transferred to a military hospital in Kori, about 90 kilometers west of the capital, Tbilisi.

“He is still in critical condition and is being kept in the intensive care unit.”, His personal physician Nicolas Gibbetsze told the Agency France-Presse (AFP) that the opposition would start. “Eat Late Saturday”.

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Mr. Sakashvili, 53, stopped eating on the 1stThere is He returned to Tbilisi after years of deportation to Ukraine in October to protest his imprisonment. On Thursday, he fainted during a meeting with his lawyers.

Tone change

First, Georgian authorities changed your tone on Friday and rejected doctors’ recommendations to admit him to a civilian hospital before transferring him to a military hospital overnight.

Friday evening, Mr. Thousands of Sakashvili supporters took to the streets in Tbilissi to demand guarantees of adequate medical care for the former leader, who is now considered the leader of the opposition.

Justice Minister Rathi Brigade blamed the opposition“Use Sakashville’s health for absurd political purposes”.

Dr Guerqui Grigolia, who examined Mr Sakashvili after his discomfort, told the AFP on Thursday. “Life [de ce dernier] Threatened “ And that he should do “Transfer to Civilian Clinic without delay”, Citing his patient’s heart and neurological problems.

“Illegal Prison”

“I will never accept my illegal imprisonment”Sakashvili said on Facebook on Friday evening that he was ready “Appear at a fair trial and accept any judgment that may be rendered”.

In 2018, Mr. Sakashvili was sentenced to six years in prison for “abuse of power.”

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“I will join you as soon as I am released Equal among equals We must rebuild our country ”, Mr. Sakashvili wrote. He thanked his comrades “Incredible Demonstration of Unity and Humanity” And called for a campaign “For the Liberation of the Nation” Dominated by the Georgian Dream Party, the oligarch Pigina Ivanishvili. “I believe in our success as never before”, He promised.

Mr Saakashvili’s arrest exacerbated the political crisis following the 2020 parliamentary elections, with the ruling Georgian Dream winning a narrow victory and being seen by the opposition as a fraud.

He was a pro-Western president from 2004 to 2013. Sakashville returned to Georgia on the 1st.There is October after eight years of deportation. He was immediately arrested and imprisoned for the offense of abuse of power.

Prime Minister Irakli Karibashvili Mr. He caused a scandal by claiming to be Sakashvili “Has the right to commit suicide” And his refusal to give up politics forced the government to detain him.

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