In Glasgow, stratified prices and a flawed system

People are registering to enter the venue for the United Nations Climate Conference.  Glasgow (Scotland), Friday October 29, 2021.

How many delegates and journalists will give up traveling to Glasgow for COP26, which opens on October 31? Many of them may be based on the exorbitant prices displayed by hotels and the Airbnb site for that period in the financial capital of Scotland. Hoteliers and individuals have shamelessly raised their prices beyond the reach of small budgets. A room not far from the city center costs 300 to 400 euros per night, and the most central places cost 1,000 euros per night. Some have rented vans (114 to 180 euros a night on Airbnb), while others are staying in dormitories.

A Citizen Network, the Human Hotel, provides accommodation for Glasgow residents for delegates during the climate summit and more than 800 people have fortunately answered the call. But in mid-October, 3,000 people were still waiting to get a bed on the network’s list … many fell into a room or apartment in Edinburgh, about 80 kilometers away. Airbnb offers are plentiful in the political capital of Scotland, and prices are high, but not like Glasgow. Problem: The M8, the motorway that connects Glasgow to Edinburgh, is one of the busiest in the UK, which is in complete danger of congestion, with many leaders choosing to stay in Edinburgh. This is especially the case with US President Joe Biden.

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In early October, daily Scotsman Already warned motorists: in early November, the M8 may be partially closed during peak hours, so it is better to opt for teleworking. Fortunately, trains depart from Edinburgh to Glasgow every twenty minutes, the journey takes no more than an hour, and the Scotrail unions rescinded the strike notice issued for the COP26 period in late October. Wage increase.

Controls of Govt disease

In addition, many foreigners – non-Europeans – need a visa to enter the UK. Such as evidence for a double vaccine or a negative test. These restrictions may reduce or encourage concerns about the level of infection in the UK (they have begun to rise sharply) or concerns about the population of some of the countries listed, with representatives of countries with even less access to vaccines. Still on the UK red list – Panama, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Colombia (must be self-isolated for ten days in an isolated hotel upon arrival).

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