In Iraq, the ISIS is on the path to mass crimes.

A ceremony was held in February 2021 to mark the return of the remains of the YZD victims to Kocho (Iraq).

1006, 1109, 0614… Dozens of passwords, cracking in seconds, scrolling across a lab computer screen. The forensic expert can finally access the heart of mobile phones found on the battlefield and uncover the secrets of the Islamic State (IS) system hidden in SIM cards. “Now the game is to make them talk! “, Adrian, who wants to remain anonymous for security reasons, explains. This high-tech laboratory is located in the center of the Green Zone in Baghdad, a highly protected area in the Iraqi capital. Mythology Office.

Deals with the United Nations Scientific Committee “Hard Evidence” Crimes committed by ISIS during the invasion of northern and western Iraq from 2014 to 2017. Mobile phones and hard drives bear the traces left by the perpetrators of the massacre that left the country in mourning and terrorized the world. This is the first genuine high-tech investigation into mass crimes. In addition to the electronic evidence, hundreds of testimonies collected by six investigative teams in the field were obtained from ballistic analyzes and mass grave excavations. At least 202 mass graves have been dug by the UN, like hard white pebbles placed on the road by a terrorist organization.

In September 2017, the United Nations Security Council unanimously voted to set up a United Nations Commission of Inquiry into the collection, preservation and preservation of evidence against ISIS in Iraq for crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide. The order is beyond the simple fact-finding task. This is a real judicial inquiry. For two weeks, its investigators opened their doors The world And 56,000 km of their daily lives.2.

Gather evidence

A “Ville”, One of the former apartments of Bad Oda in the card game created by the Americans when the regime hunted down figures after the 2003 invasion, Saddam Hussein’s eldest son and ace of hearts, the youngest of the team to work « Evidence of wars ”. Adrian cleans a hard drive clogged with dirt and blood. “All connections were completely broken. Note L. Expert Forensics. He may have been in a house that exploded or in the back of a car used in the attacks. Here, we extract information about computers that are ten years old, under 50 degrees and have spent their lives in the dust. “

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