In Leverkusen, an explosion at a chemical company site killed one person and injured several others

A thick cloud of smoke above chemical companies in Leverkusen (Germany) after the unexplained eruption on July 27, 2021.

On Tuesday, July 27, in Leverkusen, West Germany, dense columns of black smoke appeared for several kilometers. The eruption of the unknown appearance, which was located at a site where the chemical companies merge, was actually reported by local officials and site officials at 9.40am.

One step Press Release by Sembark Leverkusen, Chemical Company Park, an employee was found dead. “We are deeply saddened by this tragic accident and the death of an employee. Our condolences extend not only to those closest to him, but also to his colleagues who worked with him.”Lars Friedrich, director of the site, responded. Four more employees are missing. Also, sixteen people were injured “At least two of them are serious”, And get attention. Rescue operations are continuing.

The phenomenon is classified as “serious risk”

Cloud smoke after an explosion at a chemical company site in Leverkusen (Germany) on July 27, 2021.

“For an unknown reason, there was an explosion in the Semberg Leverkusen”, Park Report On his Twitter account. “Residents are asked to go to closed rooms and close doors and windows.”, Is also recommended in this message, where it is mentioned that the intervention of firefighters is ongoing. At the site, all management staff were invited to leave the premises. “Due to temporarily unsafe electricity”, The company adds.

The event was classified as a “serious risk” by the National Disaster Warning Application Nina. According to several media reports, an explosion occurred at the waste treatment plant. Cologne police mentioned on Twitter “Significant damage” And announced that several sections of the highway were closed.

More than 30 companies operate on the Sempark site, including the Covestro, Bayer and Lancas groups.

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