October 25, 2021


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In Mali, about fifty civilians were killed by jihadists

Fifty civilians were killed in an attack on jihadists in about three local areas in northeastern Mali and near the border with Niger, according to a provisional report by local authorities on Sunday, August 9 in northeastern Mali. The attackers arrived on a motorcycle and took the villagers by surprise.

A document from a local province consulted by Agency France-Presse (AFP) explains that 51 people were killed simultaneously against the Karov, Otagouna and Dodgeft communes in the Gao region. He added that houses had been looted, set on fire and cattle had been taken away.

“Terrorists enter villages and massacre everyone”An army official told the AFP. By “Terrorists”Authorities generally mean “jihadists.” All sources interviewed by AFP spoke anonymously for security reasons.

Disconnected area from networks

“In Karo, 20 civilians were killed. In Ouatagouna, 14 civilians were killed, and in the village of Daoutegeft, other civilians were massacred., Described an officer elected from one of the localities. Another select officer from the fourth area also claimed to have attacked his village. An army official assured that an army unit had been sent to the area to provide assistance to the people. However, the head of a Malian NGO stressed that relations with the region were poor. Due to jihadist attacks on telecommunications infrastructure, the region, like parts of northern Mali, has been largely cut off from networks in recent days.

Mali, a poor and landlocked country, has been mired in security and political turmoil since 2012. Despite separatist and now jihadist insurrections led by groups affiliated with al-Qaeda and the Islamic State organization, and all the violence and abuse of security forces, thousands of civilians and military casualties and hundreds of thousands of displaced people, especially those stationed at the UN and French forces.

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State failure

Starting in northern Mali, the violence spread to the center of the country, and then to neighboring Burkina Faso and Niger, where civilians were particularly affected. Allion Tyne, an independent United Nations expert on the human rights situation in Mali, was warned at one o’clock last week “Serious and continuous deterioration of security”, Because a “Important Gateway” Was overcome and that danger affected the very existence of the Malian state.

At the end of the eleven-day visit, he woke up “Failure of Government Institutions”Support group for Islam and Muslims (affiliated with al-Qaeda), Islamic State organization in Greater Sahara and other armed groups All kidnappings and gang rapes against civilians but violence perpetrated by security forces to protect civilians.

The 258 human rights violations committed by armed groups and social militants in the first six months of 2021 already represent 88% of the total by 2020. A UN press release added that there was a peacekeeping mission in Mali (Minusma) “Malian Security and Security Forces (FDSM) has identified 43 illegal, abbreviated or arbitrary executions committed between 1.There is April and June 30, 2021 “.

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