October 25, 2021


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In Moscow, the opposition won Sunday … but withdrew on Monday

After the parliamentary elections in Russia, the anger of the opposition over the organization and the sincerity of the ballot was concentrated in one place in particular: Moscow. On Sunday evening, September 19, its delegates were in the lead in most of the capital’s constituencies; On Monday they appeared everywhere. The turning point was so horrific that even the quiet Communist Party pointed out that it was not there during the day “Not recognized” Moscow results.

The question is sensitive in more ways than one: the authorities have always expressed great fear at the idea of ​​inciting discontent in the capital; The result is here The intelligent vote Encouraged by the Navalny camp is very visible; The debate is about the electronic voting system, which is completely secure and should be extended to the entire country.

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Delayed and confusing results

On Sunday evening, the United Russia presidential party lost nine of the fifteen constituencies in the capital, sometimes with significant gaps. At the helm, seven Communists, the Liberal Party candidate Yabloko and one independent candidate.

All that remains is to announce the results of the electronic poll given to voters in Moscow and six other regions this year. About two million people have registered for the practice, which is protected by the blockchain system, for which officials have launched an intense advertising campaign. Under the arguments put forward: a promise is immediately available as in the other six regions.

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Except that these results did not come. Monday is not midnight or 8 p.m. Polling officials did not only report a technical problem “Review”. Promised at 11 a.m., then at 2 p.m., the results were finally posted on the Election Commission’s website, which announced that official confirmation would not come before Friday.

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These results are confusing: everywhere, they are enough to change course and select candidates for power. An example is the district number 197 in the west of Moscow. On Sunday evening, Yevgeny Popov, the representative of the United Russia, received 27,000 votes against his opponent Mikhail Lopano.

First a star TV presenter, accustomed to discussing the United States or Ukraine rather than the Moscow sidewalks, but decided to get into politics. The second was a local activist, a professor of mathematics, without partisan affiliation but given by the Communist Party in this poll. Its good result, effect “Vote wisely”, So the support of Alexei Navalny, there is little doubt, is an additional reason to tighten power.

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