October 23, 2021


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In Portugal, the beauty in the grip of a huge wildfire

About 600 Portuguese firefighters were trying to put an end to a fire that broke out in the tourist area of ​​Algarke in the south of the country on Tuesday, August 17, leaving sixty people, a- we learned from the emergency services. A spokesman for the Regional Civil Defense Command told AFP that one firefighter was hospitalized with burns and two assisted on the site to inhale the smoke.

The fire, which started early Monday morning in the town of Castro Marim near the Spanish border, was temporarily contained, reaching a radius of about thirty kilometers and an area of ​​about 300 hectares at the time, before re-igniting in the afternoon. According to local media, the fire damaged at least one farm building located in the hills covered with gardens and brushes.

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Fire alarm extension

The flames advanced south, toward the coast, prompting authorities to stop traffic on the highway from Algar East to West. The road axle was cut off Tuesday morning, while the fire progressed “Seriously” In an area of ​​pine forest towards the city of Tuva, the Civil Defense said. The Lisbon government on Monday decided to extend the fire alarm for forty-eight hours in most areas in the face of scorching temperatures affecting Portugal and Spain and other countries in the Mediterranean.

As in recent weeks, fires have been on the rise around the world Greece, Turkey Etc. Algeria, Is associated with various phenomena expected by scientists due to global warming. The deadliest wildfire in its history, which killed more than 100 people, struck in 2017, and Portugal has so far enjoyed a relatively quiet summer on fire.

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