October 23, 2021


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In Venezuela, the government and the opposition to open negotiations

At the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City, with the mediation of Norway and the sponsorship of the Mexican government, the Venezuelan government and the “Platform For Unitaria” – in the name of the opposition – began Friday, August 13, Mexico City, to hold a presidential election and lift new restrictions on their country.

One “Memorandum of Understanding” Signed for “Platform For Unitaria” on behalf of George Rodriguez, President Nicolas Maduro and Gerardo Blade, the Agency France-Press (AFP) noted. The content of this note was not reported. The power was already there Venezuela authorized opposition to run in coalition in regional elections.

Continuation of discussions in Mexico on 30 August

On Friday evening, Mr Maduro welcomed the signature on Twitter. The day before, he had warned that he would not give up “Threat or Threats” Of the United States requested “Honest Debates” Solve old oil power problems. Following the failed talks in Barbados in 2019 and in the Dominican Republic in 2018, the goal of these talks is to end the severe political and economic crisis in Venezuela.

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The parties will continue their debates in Mexico on August 30. They have not discussed the seven-point agenda, however, and have not considered stepping down as Socialist President Nicolas Maduro, who has been re-elected six times in 2018 by opposition parties.

Reducing obstacles at shortcuts

Washington recognizes Juan Guido as president when he leads parliament in 2019, now in Soviet hands. Mr. In an attempt to suffocate Maduro, former President Donald Trump has imposed a series of sanctions on Venezuela – including an oil embargo – that his Democratic successor, Joe Biden, is proposing to ease if negotiations move towards new elections.

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Mr Quito spoke of the power of sanctions to put pressure on Mr Maduro on Friday, acknowledging it “Some solutions may not be easy”But he warned that failure would only occur at the negotiating table“Deepen the Conflict”.

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“Maduro regime can pave the way for relief of obstacles by allowing Venezuelan people to participate in free elections”A State Department spokesman told the AFP before the conversation. Canada and the European Union have also said they are ready to review their penal measures.

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