October 23, 2021


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Inquiry into the decision of the prisoners loyal to the Arab Israelis reopens among the Palestinians

Letter from Jerusalem

Nearly two weeks into the run, the stations of the cross then cold rain. The arrest of six Palestinian prisoners who escaped from an Israeli prison in Gilboa on September 10, 11 and 18 has caused great frustration among Palestinians. According to the lawyers of the two men who were set up as national heroes, the group had no plans to cross the walls of the prison. The first four arrested five days later failed to cross the West Bank, wandering in small groups in the countryside, eating berries and struggling to find water.

They did not receive support from their organizations (Fatah and Islamic Jihad, a small group dedicated to violent activities) because their ears were pasted on the radio to follow the news of the hunt. In the vicinity of Nazareth, Israeli officials say two of them tried to search for food from residents. They were caught near Mount Rock south of the city.

The most famous of them, Zakaria Subedi, Former boss of Fatah Brigades in Jenin, Was found in a parking lot east of Nazareth, shortly after, during the Second Intifada (2000-2005), in northern Sijsordania, with dehydration. His lawyer said he had broken his jaw and two ribs while his detainees were in handcuffs. The last two were arrested on Saturday, September 18 in Jenin. They hid outside a city refugee camp that had been at war for two weeks and surrendered unopposed.

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But according to the Palestinians, the inhabitants of the Israeli Arab city of Nazareth were comfortable catching them when they wandered in, according to Israeli police, betraying the national cause. “Those who escaped for four days believed they would get help and support from the Arab Israelis. They were wrong.” On September 11, Israeli Public Defense Minister Omar Bar-Levi was welcomed.

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On Palestinian social media, the names and photos of Nazareth residents accused of denouncing the escapees have been published. The interested parties refused. The inhabitants of Jenin urged the Nazarenes not to come to their city. Arabs from Israel usually come in large numbers to spend weekends, shop or get cheap medical treatment.

Zakaria’s uncle Jamal Jubaidi said on Facebook“From today, in what [le] About, [les Palestiniens d’Israël] Israeli Arabs – Israeli Ptolemy, Israeli Troos, Israeli Christians and Israeli Sarkars – all of their children serve in the Israeli army and [travaillent] In the Israeli security establishment, they are proud and they raise the Israeli flag Hatikwa , The national anthem of Israel.

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