Is Janine Dead: Where Does Janine Go After the Baby?


A new season of the sitcom House of Payne ended with a cliffhanger in the plot. On January 18, 2022, the final episode of Tyer Perry’s sitcom’s most recent season aired.

Here is what happened to one of the most well-known characters, Janine, in the season 10 finale of the show. While viewers are anticipating and guessing a new season of the show to find out where the Payne family’s fate would lead them.

Esther enjoys a prohibited chocolate with Janine at the conclusion of Season 5, Episode 2, and it appears that Esther has finally accepted that her position as a handmaid is inevitable. But Janine had no idea that Esther had tainted the chocolate in some way. Even if Esther might also pass away, death seems to be her ultimate desire.

The episode’s closing scene features Janine passing out and gurgling blood. But would they really kill off a character who has been around for so long so early in the season? While we are unable to reveal any Season 5 spoilers, we can say that Janine will probably survive.

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Madeline Brewer, who plays Janine, appears in Episode 3 of the show, according to IMDb. It appears that Janine does not pass away, unless it is because she has a funeral held in her honour.

But it’s difficult to predict what the effects of this poisoning will be at this time. Janine might not be conscious. Or will she spend the rest of the season in a coma? Both of those sound like sensible choices, especially given how dreadful The Handmaid’s Tale is most of the time.

Whether Esther is still alive or not, Janine has already lost an eye and has undergone excruciating physical and psychological abuse.

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Who is Janine from House of Payne?

The principal character on the American comedy Tyler Perry’s House of Payne, played by Demetria McKinney, was Janine Shelton-Payne. The show debuted in 2006.

Malik Payne, Jazmine Payne, Hayden Payne, and Jayden Payne are the four children that Janine and Clarence Payne have together. Before it was revealed that Janine was a hidden drug addict, she was portrayed as a devoted mother who had her life together. After divorcing C.J., she set fire to his house since she was also an arsonist.

When Janine unexpectedly became pregnant, Ella Payne ultimately placed her in a rehabilitation facility. However, it came out that the child actually belonged to C.J and was not her boyfriend’s. They later had twin children, Larry and Liz Shelton, and lived a happy family life after getting remarried.

Is Janine Dead

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens to Janine in the Handmaid’s Tale Book?

Janine was collected up, split from her daughter, and sent to the Red Center following the founding of Gilead. The Aunts broke the delicate Janine down fast; she was made to “confess” her faults and recount her experience with gang rape and abortion.

Is Janine’s Baby an Unbaby?

Janine adopts the name Ofwarren once she becomes a Handmaid. She becomes the envy of all the other Handmaids in the region when she gives birth to a kid, but the child eventually proves to be deformed (an “Unbaby”), and there are suspicions that her doctor fathered the child.

Where Does Janine Go After the Baby?

Janine will nurse the infant after delivery for a few months before switching to a different Commander. She will never be labelled an Unwoman and transported to the colonies because she has given birth.

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