Is Josh Allen Married: Does Josh Allen Make More Than Mahomes?


Due to his excellent performance throughout the past several seasons, Josh Allen has received much more attention from the public.

Most recently, during the Bills bye week, the MVP favourite for 2022 was spotted at one of the Padres-Phillies games in the NLCS. The tale of Allen’s Padres passion piqued the interest of many, while some questioned his companionship at the game.

That query has a more straightforward response. With his longtime girlfriend Brittany Williams, Allen was at PETCO Park.

Who is Brittany Williams, exactly? The touching account of how Allen met and started dating his girlfriend can be found here.

Is Josh Allen Married

Josh Allen Wife: Is He Married to Brittany Williams?

As soon as Josh Allen’s model girlfriend revealed their connection to the Bills quarterback, Brittany Williams. They are not yet wed, though.

Model and pilates instructor Brittany spoke in-depth about her developing relationship with Allen on Kelly Stafford’s podcast, which is hosted by the wife of Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford.

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Pilates instructor Williams also runs the online fitness community Pilates by Britt. She frequently shares exercise videos on her Instagram page, @pilatesby.britt.

His girlfriend attended Fresno State University and was active in both the cheerleading squad and the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority while there.

The cute couple watched Game 2 of the NLCS between the Padres and Phillies in October 2022, and while watching the game in a VIP suite, cameras caught Williams taking a selfie of the team.

Following Allen’s selection by the Buffalo Bills, Britanny uploaded a photo of the pair holding a Bills jersey at the 2018 NFL Draft.

Is Josh Allen Married

Does Josh Allen Have Kids?

Similar to how Josh hasn’t altered his relationship with Brittany from that of a girlfriend to a wife, they haven’t yet considered starting a family. Perhaps it’s because both want to put their current attention on their careers. Josh Allen does not yet had children, despite the fact that he loves and appreciates the young people who look up to him as a role model.

Josh has however set a good example for his followers, as a result of which they never forget Allen, whether it’s during their best or worst moments. Because a couple named Warner and Brittany named one of their children King Allen in 2021, Bills fans, in honour of Josh.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Brittany Williams and Josh Allen Live Together?

Williams and Allen spend the majority of their time in Buffalo, New York, where the quarterback’s NFL team is situated, aside from their trips. The pair has been living together for four years and recently moved into a new home they built in the neighbourhood, according to Williams on The Morning After podcast.

Does Josh Allen Make More Than Mahomes?

The two highest paid in terms of total contract value and length are also arguably the two best players in the game. While Allen, 26, makes $258 million over six years, Mahomes, 27, receives $450 million over ten years. The quarterback play was equally balanced, much like how the game was played.

Does Patrick Mahomes like Josh Allen?

“Josh is a wonderful man. He’s a fantastic quarterback; physically gifted, able to run and throw, he can do it all. But he’s also a really cool guy “Mahomes stated during his presser on Wednesday.

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