Who is Isaiah Stannard? Wiki, Insta, Relationship, Family & More

Isaiah Stannard is a well-known American actor who is best known for his work in the popular American television series Good Girls (2018).

He works as an actor and began his career in the industry while still in high school.

He is now a well-known actor with millions of fans and followers simply because of his incredible acting and works in several TV series.

Physical Appearance

Hair Color: Blonde

Eyes Color: Hazel Green


Isaiah has appeared in a few television shows, a single film, and a few short films.

His first major credited role was as a voiceover in the Croatian short film Star Stuff: A Story of Carl Sagan, where he provided the English voiceover for the young Carl Sagan.

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His other extra work includes his appearance in Brad’s Status and his role in small short films such as Party Dress, in which he played Harper.

His most notable role was in Good Girls, where he played Ben (formerly known as Sadie), a trans character who received a lot of positive feedback in his coming out scene. Isaiah also played Evan in Genera+ion.

Trans Actor Isaiah Stannard and His Mom on Breaking Free of the ‘repressive Ideals’ of Masculinity

Isaiah Stannard, 16, plays Ben Marks, a transitioning transgender teen, on NBC’s Good Girls. Ben’s story parallels the actor’s own. Isaiah came out as trans at the age of 12 and has had the support of his mother, Kristin Johansen, and her partner, Warren Marsh, to transition on his own terms and at his own pace.

Isaiah Stannard

In this week’s Pride issue of PEOPLE, Stannard and his family discuss coming out, femininity as a trans man, and “taking space.” As told to PEOPLE, Isaiah and Kristin had the following conversation:

Kristin: Isaiah came out as gay for the first time. After about a year, you said, ‘You know what? Actually, I believe I am trans.’ And I thought, ‘Cool.’ It didn’t come as a surprise to me. I was always like, ‘We’ll see what happens,’ because of who you were and how you acted since you were a little kid. That’s how I’ve always felt.

Isaiah: It was a welcoming environment. I wasn’t too concerned, especially since I had already admitted to you that I was gay. ‘Ah, well, I hope this is okay,’ I thought. Because it was taking place. And you were simply excellent at it.

Kristin: I believe that because we live in such a liberal environment, some people thought, ‘Maybe he’ll be trans, maybe he’ll be this or that.’ ‘Hey, let’s let Isaiah tell us,’ I was always saying. I was relieved that you came and simply told me. That was wonderful that you didn’t feel hesitant to tell me.

Isaiah: You saw me for who I was, and if I ever told you or shared more about myself, you were just fine with it. You were open and willing to learn and accept me as I changed and became my own person. I’ve always felt supported by my family, and simply showing them more of who I am,

Personal Life

Isaiah Stannard was born on October 1, 2004, in Manhattan, New York City. His openness about being transgender is a notable feature of his life; all of his acting roles after his coming out have been trans characters.

Isaiah is candid about his transitioning experience and how it affected his career. Isaiah came out as transgender and identified as male during the early stages of filming for Good Girls.

This prompted an open discussion between Isaiah and executive producer Jenna Bans about how to best portray the character.

Family & Ethnicity

Isaiah Stannard was born into a family of White Americans.

Isaiah Stannard


Eric Stannard is his father’s name, and he works as a Senior Editor at Springer in New York. Kristin Johansen, his mother, is a singer, dancer, and actor. His mother is currently dating Warren Marsh, a professional massage therapist, and personal trainer.


*In Good Girls, Isaiah plays Ben, a girl who identifies as a boy despite being born a girl. This story took off when he accepted in real life that he identifies as trans and uses the pronouns he and him.

*Isaiah adores dogs and is frequently seen playing with them on the set or at a friend’s house.

*Isaiah enjoys dancing, cycling, and playing the guitar in his spare time.

*He enjoys spending time with his family, as evidenced by the numerous photos of him and his family on Instagram.

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