Island Boys Net Worth: What is the Cause of Their Notoriety?

Who are Island Boys?

Island Boys are a hip-hop duo from the United States who rose to fame thanks to the app TikTok for sharing videos. Kodiyakredd (real name: Franky Venegas) and Flyysoulja (real name: Alex Venegas) are the two members of the rap group Kodiyakredd, which is based in South Florida. The band gained widespread recognition as a result of the success of their song “I’m an Island Boy.”

Island Boys Quick Info

Island Boys Full Name Franky Venegas and Alex Venegas
Birth date July 16, 2001
Nick Name Island Boys
Gender Male
Birth Place Florida, America
Nationality American
Island Boys Age 21 years old
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Height 4 feet 9 inches approx.

Island Boys Early Lives

The Venegas twins, Frankie and Alex, were born in Florida on July 16, 2001. Both parents of the Island Boys hail from Cuba. The father of the twins died of a heart attack while they were young, leaving them to raise themselves. Both of them struggled as kids and teenagers due to their bad behavior.

Their mother made every effort to educate them by enrolling them in prestigious schools, but they continually disregarded her efforts and instead engaged in disruptive behavior. The twins Venegas were arrested for multiple robberies, and assaults, and stayed in juvenile detention centers. Since their music careers began to flourish, they haven’t committed any crimes.

Island Boys Career Highlights

In the year 2020, one of the twin brothers, Franky, began his career as a musician. He used to go by the name redd 4x, and his past releases include “Real Right,” “Smoke,” and “9ine.” The new single “I am Island Boy” by Flyysoulja and Kodiyakredd was released in October of 2021.

island boys net worth

As soon as they uploaded the song on TikTok, it instantly gained massive popularity. The two brothers released a music video on TikTok in which they perform their latest single while submerged in water. The two brothers became overnight sensations on the video-sharing platform after posting their first video on the platform. Because of the popularity of the video, their TikTok fan base exploded.

Flyysoulja has 1.3 million followers on his official TikTok account as of 2021, while his sibling Kodiyakredd has 714.2K. The two brothers have gained a large following on TikTok, but they also have a sizable following on YouTube, where they regularly post vlogs, song excerpts, and music videos under the moniker Big Bag Ent. Their trending TikTok clip was first posted on YouTube on October 15, 2021. The film has been viewed over 2.1 million times, making it worth over $100,000 at the present time.

What is the Net Worth of Island Boys?

The Island Boys are American identical twins. Due in large part to their viral hit “Island Boys,” they have amassed a net worth of $700,000 since 2009. Franky and Alex Venegas, also known as Island Boys, were born in Florida on July 16, 2001. In the rap community, they go by the names Kodiyakredd and Flyysoulja. In 2020, Franky released his first songs as a recording artist.

Alex later wrote their most popular song, Island Boys. Here we’ll discuss the financial situation of Island Boys, including their earnings, salaries, and other assets. The amount of their financial resources is a good place to begin.

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Who are Island Boys Dating?

Although the Venegas brothers do not discuss their romantic relationships in public, it is clear from the images they have shared online that each of them has a girlfriend of his or her own. They have not divulged the identities of the women that they are dating because they wish to maintain the confidentiality of the situation.

island boys net worth

The twins have been able to put their difficult past behind them and are now thriving in life because of the tremendous success they have found on social media.

Cause of Their Notoriety

As a result of their magnetic personalities and striking good looks, the Island Boys have suddenly shot to fame. Franky Venegas began his musical career in 2020 and released a few demos, including Smoke, 9ine, and Real Right before he became popular. Meanwhile, Alex Venegas released the single Money in 2021. Because of the popularity of “I’m an Island Boy,” they have been able to create prominent public figures.

They are easily recognizable due to their one-of-a-kind hairdos, which often feature brightly dyed dreadlocks. They wear vibrant colors and have several tattoos all over their bodies. The brothers and their devoted fan base are close. They engage with their audience by issuing challenges for viewers to replicate. In fact, fans welcome the challenges and take pride in achieving success in them.

How They Make Their Living

As of the year 2022, the Island Boys had amassed a net worth of $700,000 thanks to their many sources of income. Their success stems from the fact that companies are willing to pay them to spread the word about their products simply because they have a sizable following on TikTok. Kodiyakredd is followed by almost 1.4 million users on TikTok, whereas Flyysoulja has 2.8 million.

Rappers Big Bag Ent has a YouTube channel where they upload music videos and vlogs. This channel has a steady revenue stream because of its over 40,000 subscribers and 8 million video views. If they use YouTube AdSense, they can make money, often between $2 and $5 per 1,000 channel views.

By selling shoutouts on Cameo, they are capitalizing on their fame. They charge £158 ($210) for private video bookings and £450 ($600) for corporate bookings. They also launched an online shop where customers could purchase items like branded hoodies, sweatshirts, and vests.

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Social Media Engagements

Island men can be found on Instagram in the form of speared profiles. Each of them has over 1.5 million Instagram followers. The identical pair has amassed 188k subscribers and millions of views on YouTube. The Island Boys have amassed 27.3 billion views on Tiktok, making it the social media channel with which they have had the most success. They’re popular on TikTok even now.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age of the Island Boys twins?

The Island Boys twins are 21 years old and will be 22 on July 16 of next year.

How tall are the twins from the island?

They stand 1.7 meters tall.

What is the nationality of the Island boys’ Twins?

They are from America. They also have a Cuban relationship with the twins’ father.

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