Israel, Australia, Portugal and Bangladesh impose new sanctions to tackle delta diversity

The city of Sydney is being rehabilitated for at least two weeks after the pollution associated with this change erupts.

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Delta variation is becoming more and more worrying. Australia imposed a two-week total restructuring of Sydney on Saturday, June 26, as new cases of Govt-19 caused by the change erupted. Further epidemic, this variation continues its meteoric spread across the planet, forcing many countries to impose new restrictions.

It was first identified in India in April and is now present in at least 85 countries, according to the World Health Organization. He has already been in charge of an epidemic recovery in the United Kingdom for a few weeks.

For his part, the increase was counterproductive “Dangerous and Dangerous” Polluted cases in this variant, Bangladesh will impose a new very strict control from Monday.

In Portugal, the recurrence of epidemics has made delta variation a major issue, according to information released by the Directorate General of Health. This represents more than 51% of cases in Portugal and more than 70% of cases in the Lisbon region. The country has decided to tighten restrictions in the most affected municipalities, such as Lisbon, where the capacity of hours and restaurants and shops has been reduced again.

After the increase in cases, Israel had already reaffirmed its obligation to wear masks in closed public places and businesses, boasting of being the first person in a country to emerge from a health crisis due to a major vaccination campaign.

In South Africa, scientists said on Saturday that delta variability was also behind the rise in new infections, and that the government was considering restrictions. On Saturday, 18,762 new infections were reported in the country, the highest daily number since January.